Ten on Tuesday: To Do II

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Items On My Spring To-Do List

1. In the ongoing quest for simplification and decrapification, we're having a rummage sale this weekend at my mom's. I've actually found it much easier to put things in the donation box (or, as the case may be, to sell them en masse at Half-Price Books), so I'm not selling much, and neither is my mom... the girls are, though, and so is my sister... that happens when you move or prepare to move. I'll be happy when that's over. We'll see, maybe I'll slap some prices on a few things. One happy result of this recent focus is that I've cleaned off the top of my washer and dryer!

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2. Sort of related to #1 (and, also, Clarity), I have antiques that I'm not longer interested in looking at or dusting... mostly green Depression Glass, but also some furniture... maybe. I had a great time collecting the glass over the years, but I could wipe out half of it and still have a nice display of pieces that have meaning -- or usefulness. I'd actually keep all of the above -- I've a thing for the more utilitarian pieces.

3. Windows. I'd like to say, "I don't do windows," but I must do windows. With the painting that happening this year, I'll likely be doing some that haven't been touched in a while!

4. Vacuum. The power head on my vac isn't working, though, so I need to take it in. It's a good thing that we've mostly hardwood floors in our house!

5. Continue to focus on cleaning/cleaning out my bedroom, closet and studio!

6. Clear the deck of lingering obligations! Be diligent and selective when taking on new projects. Know Thyself!

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7. Garden & planter maintenance -- trim the espalier tree, thin out the ferns, dig out dandelions, plant stuff, etc.

8. Buy a rain barrel.

9. Ride my bike... haven't done that much yet this year. I have been going to a "power" fitness class at least once a week, though.

10. Take a few days off... with no particular place to go... or thing to do.

 Haha. I guess that would be #10 Thing To Do: Nothing!



Your list is a healthy mix of work and fun. I think #10 is the best of all, though.


I love #10!! We can always, always find MORE to do.


So funny, I collected green depression glass for years! The only thing that ever gets used is the juicer. Oh, and I used a shot glass to hold toothpicks for an olive tray this weekend.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I especially like your #10! That should have been on my list!


...ahhh.... #10...I need to do that, too! (of course I also need to do all those other things, too, but that one - that makes me smile!)

Robin F.

Now I feel like a slacker-- I'm not keeping up- 1 and 5 are the top of my list! For #3 I got a groupon for 1/2 off window cleaning-- I'm gonna schedule that for about 2 weeks from now. #10 is my favorite. Your glass is pretty and useful. My collections run to fabric and fiber which both have to be weeded out. I do the pool 3x/week.


Had a hard time finishing the list as I am stuck on the glass juicer! It's gorgeous. How much?


"Decrapification!" I love it!
I have one of those green depression glass measuring cups...the one on the left in the back, with the three pour spouts? I love that little thing. I use it all the time!

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