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Ten on Tuesday: Pin me!

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Items Pinned to Your Bulletin Board

I could ask which one...

Web-2012-05-01 10.27.36

This one... two... are at work. There are two just like them on the adjacent wall. These two are the most interesting...

1. A print out of my three favorite entries from a "Typesetter Haiku" contest on a long-gone blog. Even after all this time, they never fail to crack me up. Here's one:

i shot the serif

left him there full of leading

yearning for kerning

Hysterical, right? Heh. Maybe only if you were once a geeky typesetter... and an Eric Clapton fan.

2. Confirmation(s) of registration(s) with the National Do Not Call Registry.

3. Photos of the girls, the boys, other family members, some of my friends, friends' babies.

4. Some various postcard-type artwork and photos of artwork... classin' up the joint.

5. A mmmmenu from Noodles & Company; once in a while, someone brings me lunch and it's usually from there.

6. A small sheet of smiley-face stickers.

7. Various lists of phone numbers and log-ins.

8. A print-out of postage rates and an envelope of odd stamps.

9. The memorial card I made for Sharon.

10. Reminders, such as:

Time only seems to matter when it's running out.


It's the time you have, not the time you want.

and an Important list of "I" words:

  • Intensity : Say yes
  • Inclusion : Be generous
  • Integrity : Speak up
  • Intimacy : Love more
  • Intuition : Trust yourself
  • Intention : Slow down




Mine is dull but yours is inspirational!


To see your families faces smiling back at you throughout the day would just be wonderful! I recognize many of the pictures from your blog.
Your haiku sounds more like Bob Marley...just sayin' :)

Kristi aka FiberFool

Ooo, those are some good bulletin boards! I'm kind of yearning for one to populate for myself, but as a temp that doesn't happen... Maybe one day!


A mug of tea spilled on the counter where my message board was propped. All the tea was absorbed by it! Now I have a good excuse to buy a new one and to start pinning my favorite things to it! Postcards are my favorite thing to pin on it

Robin F.

Love your list of "I"s. I no longer have a bulletin board- I just use my fridge to hold stuff.


LOVE those photos of the girls - they're beautiful!! I definitely think work bulletin boards get extra points when they have a few personal bits. and funny, I didn't focus on kym's "boards all over the house" but your opening made me think about it. hum, maybe having only one is a good thing. or maybe that's just because I only have one?


I love your board! That's my kind of bulletin board. . .


so much like mine. i love that list of I-words.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Love the "I" words! I copied them and put them up at my desk at work and I'm going to put a copy in my office at home. I'm new to your blog and I do love it!


Love those boards. I also copied the I words...and the haiku. :)

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