A ghost in the attic?


I took last Thursday & Friday off for a big rummage sale at my mom's -- Thursday to prep, Friday & Saturday for the sale. We did good. It was tiring, but we were all relieved of many items and had some jingle in our pockets at the end... about $1100, all told! There's a big haul for the thrift shop, too!

The only photos I took all weekend were of my garden phlox/wild sweet william:

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The stuff spreads like a weed... I guess that's why it's now pretty much considered a weed by some! There's also some columbine and dianthus blooming; still some bleeding hearts; the irises are about at peak; my japanese and ostrich/fiddlehead ferns are so lush and gorgeous!

Yesterday, my one big chore was to help lift a new gutter into place.

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It was hardly strenuous.

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There's still no rain barrel, though, and finding one locally is more difficult than I'd have imagined. I've several more places to try, though, so have not given up.

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Paint progress: maroon and blue-green are just about finished; off-white has been started; it looks like the gold door will be last. I can't wait!

I puttered at home for most of yesterday, actually making small progress on a few different fronts, and today it was back to work!

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Someone was busy today while I was away! I suspect it's Maddy's work, though could also be Al's, or maybe Kate. Heh. Obviously, I have no clue -- no one's recently mentioned that there's a mosaic project on their mind!

I'm just about finished with my Highland romance reading, and anxious to hold a real book and sink my teeth into...

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The Wilder Life! It's my Mother's Day gift from Katie and has finally arrived!

I have been knitting -- even went to knit night on Thursday -- it all seems like black hole knitting right now, but I keep at it and I'll have something to show one day!

I'm planning and prepping a new round of dyeing. I'm still aiming to get some of it listed online, but I'll also be helping Ali out at our local farmer's market and hawking my wares there, too.

The next several weekends are busy with family -- especially my sister and her boys. In two months, they will be transplanted to Rio and it will be a long while before I'm able to kiss smudged & dirty cheeks and snag hugs! Gotta get 'em while I can!!




I'm almost finished with The Wilder Life and I've really been enjoying it. Unfortunately, I downloaded it from the library and it expired and someone else already borrowed it. I have to wait in suspense until they finish.


Have you checked this link for a barrel?
Or how about this one? I don't know if they are still selling them or not but you could ask.


Sounds like life is grand right now. Busy. Full. Satisfying! (I love my rain barrel; purchased online from Gardener's Supply Co. --; they have a great selection.)


How great that the sale was such a big success! I love the way the paint colors look and I, too, can't wait to see it all done. Thanks for the book recommendation.


You know how to make the most of being with family and friends and stay busy, busy! The painting looks wonderful, as does the mosaic. If only I could make you take me out for coffee, with all that jingle in your pocket. ;-)


Great haul on the rummage sale!! And I love your paint colors. I really appreciate you mentioning the Highland romance, it was great fun!

Robin F.

What a reward for all your work for rummage sale-
The paint job is really pretty.
Target and Meijers have rain barrels and so does Home Depot. Good luck in your search.
Waiting for your yarn listings.


I always love your photos - your colors are stunning in them!!


Those paint colors look fantastic. The sort of thing I would wish I thought to do. I'm intrigued by the rain barrel idea. It is illegal to install one and collect rain in the region I live in. Water is so precious here, even the city folk have to abide by the water rights laws.


How much will you take for that table????? LOVE IT.


I love "so....." - it's my favorite way to start talking or writing! - love seeing all the glimpses into your life. full. busy and oh so colorful! can't wait to hear what you think of the book. I'm a huge LHOTP fan. (have you read the memoir that Nellie Olson wrote - heard good things about it)


Oh! I was so intrigued when I read the pre-pub about that memoir....I loved everything Laura Ingalls Wilder. Can't wait to read it myself

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