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Weekend update

Shoulder to shoulder

Clickity, clack... this is still a knitting blog!

image from www.flickr.com

This is Hemphora, a test knit I've been working on and my latest almost FO. It looks like an FO in this photo that I took yesterday, but then I met with Kassie, the local and talented designer of this sweater. We talked it over, I tried it on, and we talked over some more... almost there!

I really enjoyed knitting with the Allhemp6, but it is a little different -- the fabric skews just a bit and is also something of a shape-shifter! I "tried it on" several times during the making up and thought NO WAY is this going to fit me -- and if it did "fit," it was going to "just" fit... every bump and bulge of my torso like a glove. I had to trust that it would be okay. Of course, I'd rather be a size or three smaller, but it fits just fine; the drape is terrific!

image from www.flickr.com
This is the SE corner of the back porch, not far from the pergola from which Hemphora is hanging. There was a lot of busy-ness there yesterday -- robins building a nest. It didn't look complete even this morning and I thought that perhaps I'd scared them off, but a bird flew off when I walked over to check today before leaving for work.

The cats are going to go nuts. This is impossibly close and yet impossible to reach without risking life... and I'm not sure how many are left amongst our three.

Bird brain... ha!

image from www.flickr.com
Also, it's MACRO MAY!




The top looks very comfortable and the light weight quality would give it wear-ability all year round. I love MacroMay because of all the great shots from good photographers.


I hope we'll see some modeled shots of the sweater when it's really finished. Hooray for Macro May!


I want a modeled pic! Hard to get, I know. Love your flowers, just gorgeous!


ditto about the modeled shots. I have yet to see a sweater that looks better on a hanger than a person (no matter the pretty background!) and thanks for your lovely - especially the colors! - reminder about macro may!

Cheryl S.

Looks like a nice top, but here's another vote for a modeled shot.

Robin F.

I've never knit with hemp- it seems so stiff. That cardi looks comfy but it doesn't come big enough for me. I'll wait til she posts a larger pattern and then try it.


I like the look of the hemp. Her style reminds me of the Leisl tunic I knit last year.
We do need to see it on, really we do.


I haven't knit in so long I hardly remember how to do it... maybe this summer the hands will allow that kind of motion to be had.

Would love to see the totally finished sweater on to see the drape!


Hemp, huh? Hmmm... ;) (I know, Imma dork)


Marvelous Macro May photo, Vicki! I'll ditto the FO requests. Very interesting knit!

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