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16 May 2012


Smoothie. With kale.

It is the most delightful green! And a little "crunchier" than when made with spinach. And SO delicious.

Oh, right... SHHHHH! It's (barely still) Wordless Wednesday!



I'm not so sure I could drink that but I'll take your word for it that it was delicious.

It does look "crunchy". I love a good kale and that drink looks like a good way to get your veggies.

now, you are just being mean :) Teasing me with this smoothie? Looks delish... and btw, can't find pear blend in any of my local markets (your FB post sent me hunting!)

I like my veggies on a plate, I'm not a big fan of smoothies. I like to chew my food. smoothies make it disappear too fast.

That looks pretty darn healthy! I think it would look even better with just a little dab of whipping cream. . . (just sayin').

that looks delicious. and cool. it was 90 degrees in my car today. I wish that smoothie had been waiting for me!

My daughter just got a vitamix and is PRAISING the benefits of smoothies with spinach and kale and seeds and all kinds of good stuff!

Tasty, aren't they?! I must make them more often. (My blender may be dusty.)

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