Happy Mother's Day!

And it goes like this...

Watching... It's May! There's so much to watch!! Currently cheering for Donald Driver on Dancing With The Stars.

Reading... A romance novel, Child of the Mist, set in 16th Century Scottish Highlands and a free Kindle download... I could not resist and it's just perfect for me right now.

Knitting... A hexagon here, a sleeve cap there, also working on a short-sleeve warm-weather pullover in a recycled cotton. I just need to finish sewing up Hemphora and I can get back to the pullover -- I found a mistake in decreases, so am set to rip back a bit.

Listening to... Young Homie by Chris Rene. I really like him and this old homie thinks the song is catchy as hell.

Thinking about... What I should do today. Maybe some dyeing -- could use some color!! Definitely some more cleaning out... Oh! I need to find the little slip of paper where I wrote the password to our fairly new wireless home network. Damn, I thought I made it simple and easy to remember... Will probably get together with Mom for coffee. Going to Group Power Fitness class later today with Al.

Dreading... Happily, I don't think I'm dreading anything right now.  ;)

Planning... To go get paint for the garage today -- as close as I can get to the original "Velvet Maroon" for the windows and shingles, and to choose a golden ochre color for the door. Yay!

Excited about... I think I'm just trying to keep an even keel, so I'm trying to keep things in check... nothing to dread and not getting too excited about anything, either.

Drinking... Trying to up my water intake.

Needing to... Throw some prices on rummage sale stuff. It's a lot easier to just give it away...

Organizing... Everything.

image from
Inspired by... My photography group. We had a great get-together last night -- nothing to do with nature photography, but we were outside and I took a sec to snap my Macro May photo for the day.



How on earth did it get to be May!? I'm envying your day of potential.


Create a document that you post to your desktop that has your wireless password on it. When the Geek Squad set up our wireless several years ago that's what he did - it's been a lifesaver!


I can't believe it's May, I had a long list of things to do in April & not half of them are done!


There's nothing wrong with keeping things on an even keel. Sounds like your life is going along just fine right now.

Robin F.

I love May- your nature photo is fabulous I could just imagine the breeze ruffling the dandelion. Happy Mothers' Day. Next week my twins graduate college- where did the years fly?


Thanks for the book link! Always on the look out for something good and something free! :)


Thanks for the book link, not had my Kindle long, but loving it.

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