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A ghost in the attic?

Over the past several weeks, the kids have all changed their living arrangements. Whether downsizing or upsizing or doing a sideways shift, they've all moved to one degree or another.

And until school starts, there are still a couple of kids under our roof. They mostly occupy the upstairs apartment, so I hardly see anyone!

Even weirder is the fact that we've gained one. Maddy's childhood (and current) BFF, former (and future) college roommate Katy will be working at the Girl Scout camp with Maddy, et al, this summer and she is living here.

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Thing is, she's like a ghost in the attic. She moved in on Saturday and I've yet to lay eyes on her!! I hear her and her car's parked outside, but I've not even caught a glimpse. Heh.

That's the ceiling in my workroom, by the way, a room of many uses over the years, including a bedroom! I love it when I turn out the light and catch a glimpse of the glow-in-the-dark sky.

* * * * *

I rode my bike to knitting last night! A 16.9-mile round trip, the time spent traveling to knitting vs. actually sitting and knitting was about 3:2.

One reason I did that is because I won't be going to the group power class at the fitness center tonight. My power partner, Ali, is currently laid up/drugged up on my couch with an ice pack on her face following extraction of wisdom teeth this morning!

* * * * *

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72!! I finished one while waiting at the oral surgeon's this morning, making 72 Hexagons in The Big Parade!! It currently measures approx. 24" x 16". I started in early-ish January, so my rate is somewhere around 18 per month right now.




That's a lot of people in your house! I need to pick up my leftover sock yarn blanket, again, I've been neglecting it for too long.


Sending healing thoughts to Ali!
The little hexagons hold so much potential.
You've made me want a glow in the dark ceiling of my own!


Okay. Now you've got me humming the Music Man soundtrack!!! Hope Ali makes a speedy, uneventful recovery. It's no fun to have those wisdom teeth extracted. . .


pretty pretty hexagons!

best of luck with that ghost. heh.

Robin F.

Ali has my sympathies. Been there done that. No fun.
Hexies are pretty but thinking about sewing them all together gets me twitching. I'm a seamless kind of knitter.
Enjoy all the kid activity. Maybe the ghost is trying not to wear out her welcome.


Wonderful hexagons, I can't wait to see how they all come together.
In our old house I painted a sky and added the glow-in-the-dark stars in the kids' room. I actually tried to get them all in the right places until my neck gave out.

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