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The Redbud buds are budding

Thursday sky

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One of the things that's been so weird about our sudden and unseasonable hot & sunny weather is how different the light is -- the sun's still relatively low in the sky and there's no place to hide! Branches are bare so there is very little to filter that sunlight and there is no shade.

Trees have gone from barely budding to leafing out in a matter of days. It actually reminds me a lot of April 16-19, 1987, the weekend I was in the hospital giving birth to Alison, and I watched the leaves burst forth. But that was April, and crazy-weird for April, too... this is ever so much crazier-weirder for being March!

Whether it's truly spring or not, the message is getting through! I do so love the colors of spring.

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A year ago today, we were leaving for our UK vacation -- and the weather outside was frightful, causing our local flight to be cancelled, so we drove through the blizzard to Chicago ourselves! Somewhat determined.




We've skipped right over spring and gone straight to summer here. I'm enjoying it but I agree that it's unsettling.


And because you were daring and intrepid you had the trip of a lifetime!!
It's warm here, but very windy and more scattered gray than blue. However, we've had a week of blue skies so I'm not complaining! Next week looks more seasonable. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do!


Thank you for your keen observation! I've been wondering why this very strange 80 degree weather in March felt and looked so different than 80 degrees in June. It hadn't dawned on me that the sun is low in the sky and we're woefully deficient in leafy shade. We do have an abundance of daffodils, forsythia, flowering cherries and pears, and magnolias, though!


I know exactly what you mean about the weird contrast between sun low in the sky and warm temperatures. Strikes me odd every time it happens.


It'll be interesting to see how these skies translate to your skyline project! (are you still working on that, btw?)

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