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Knitting out

The weather outside's delightful! I can't believe it's mid-March and we literally "knit out" last night -- outside, on the deck, watching the sun set, listening to the sounds of spring. There was a definite chill in the air after sunset, but most of us stayed put on the deck 'til the very end.

My "knitting" consisted of ripping out the start of a pullover and re-winding the yarn. I'd cast on the night before using a tubular cast on (thank you, Theresa Vinson Stenersen and knitty!) for the first time ever.

Wow! Cool.

Unfortunately, I then carried on in 1x1 rib instead of 2x2 and that's what lead to last night's frogging. Ann mentioned recently using Ysolda's technique, so I tried that last night after I got home... with the TV off and no distraction whatsoever!

Wow! Super freaky cool. I'll be looking for reasons to go tubular!!

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I worked on M'gonigle for the rest of knit night on the deck... it's coming along, and I'm loving it!




I remember I liked the tubular cast on a lot the first time I used it.

Your hat to be looks really pretty.


M'gonigle is gorgeous! did I miss that one?
It is delightful weather!


We sat on our patio last night, too! However, I can SEE, clearly, the end is nigh. Recently, I learned the tubular cast on and love it! Your M'gonigle is lookin' good!

Robin F.

Thanks for the link for better cast on- Can't wait to use it. It is positively June-like here.


Totally tubular!


If the Twist Collective had used YOUR photo for the M'gonigle, it would have been their best-selling hat pattern ever.


Thanks for the link. I have recently embarked on a "learn new cast-ons" project so now I can add this one. Love the M'gonigle!

Fleur Cotton

How lovely to be able to sit out and knit in the evening, it's certainly not warm enough here in the UK to do that yet!

Fleur xx

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