Ten on Tuesday: Movin' on up
Mmmm, roasty!

Here's what's happening

Blatantly stolen from, and with props to, Kym!

Watching... the weather. Daily. And the sky. Even more than usual.

Reading... Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman. As of this morning, I have read 87% of it.

Knitting... A test knit -- my first-ever. I picked it up last week and I'm almost half-way; it's not due until May 1st. Also, still working M'gonigle. It's my portable project.

Listening to... the radio, mostly. Speaking of the radio... A local station has been airing an end-of-the-workday segment for a while now that they call "Five O'clock Funnies," featuring clips from stand-up comic routines -- it's SO WONDERFUL to laugh all by myself in the car on the way home from work. They've recently begun "Six O'clock Stand-up" and it's JUST AS GREAT to laugh all by myself in the car on the way to work!

Thinking about... England, Scotland, Wales. It was one year ago. Exactly. We were in Argyl Forest Park. Today.

image from www.flickr.com

Dreading... doing taxes. Yup. Yet to do. I had a good head of steam going a while back... pfffft.

Planning... the summer agenda. What gets done on the house, etc.

Excited about... a trip to Chicago this weekend with Katie & Ali.

Humming... Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys.

Drinking... coffee (still) and water.

Itching to... get some yarn up for sale and off to good homes.

Needing to... do my taxes. Also. Still.

Organizing.... well, I need to get organizing everything! Mom's agreed to be our host for the city-wide rummage sale in May and I need to sweep!

Inspired by... so many people & things right now.

Delighted by... my new Kindle Fire. I've had it for a little while, but it still feels new. Girlchild is the first electronic book I will have purchased and read entirely on the device. It took a while getting comfortable to not holding the book in my hands, to not "feeling" how much has passed and how much is yet to come (at least in number of pages), measuring how I feel about that. I love that I can easily take it anywhere, and that it's so much more. (I may or may not hold a record score in Mahjongg.)

(I would love to play real Mahjongg someday.)

Recording... everything! I hardly ever watch anything in real time anymore.

What's up w/you?



I love posts like this, they give such an insight into your life right now. I'm working, looking forward to Kiwanis tonight, and planning on supervising Dale painting the living room this weekend!


So nice to meet a fellow Mahjongg player. I'm not sure I would even know how to play in real life. But it is certainly a time-sucker on-line.


I'm excited about your trip, too! And, excited about mine. There is so much to do (in life, in general) and so little time!

Robin F.

I play Mah jong for real but have never played online. It is fun and not too difficult. The new cards come out in April. I need to do taxes to- yuck. I keep thinking about getting a reader or pad so I can take books and knitting patterns with me-still thinking.
yarn for sale? Where? When? Not that I need any but ya never know.


These kind of the posts are the BEST! Lots of subjects covered with a few little words! Gardening is cutting into my knitting time, but it feels so good to get some fresh air Off to Key West for Easter :)


You are busy enough for the two of us I think!

I am looking forward to finishing the little scarf I decided to knit before my trip to Israel so I will be able to go back to my pleasure knitting.


Reading Galileo's Telescope
Knitting a cowl with Mountain Colors River Twist (love)
Enjoying a visit to Boulder


I have always wanted to play Mah Jong! What fun!


i just got a nook tablet and I love it!
BTW, I just mentioned you on my blog for one of those silly blog award thingies....mostly just to mention some of my favorite bloggers, one of which is you!


I play PC mahjongg too. So my MIL gave me her authentic antique mahjongg set, but we haven't got up the impetus to learn the game! I will someday.


gah. i'm still putting off my taxes for another week. oy.


I have that photo, too -- I think I got it from Beentsy (Tammy in Surrey, BC). Did you take it?


I've been intrigued by mahjongg tiles for ages. I may have even purchased a set a move or two ago....but I've never played except for on-line. Taxes are done but need the last look-over before the sending. Love the forest/lake photo.


I love these kinds of posts (and I'm getting started on Project Life next week...they will be regular feature there for sure). I'm now into my 5th book on the kindle and loving it - one of my favorite things is NOT having to hold the book. so I have two hands free to eat :-) (yes, most of my reading happens while I'm eating ... alone!)


I love so much of this post! But...I really love the laughing in the car part..isn't that such a nice present?


Great idea for a post! Thanks for sharing :)

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