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09 March 2012

Happy Friday!

Well, that was fun -- and successful! Both Maddy and I found the things on our shopping lists and had a nice lunch together. Our last stop before home was Goodwill (for a little treasure hunting) where we found the most adorable 4-place espresso set -- cups, saucers and spoons, all on a cute display stand -- and for $3.99 we just had to get it for Ali. Someone may have mismarked that one. Ooopsie.

There's a baby sweater, Demne, drying on my Block & Roll mat as we speak. I've had the pattern printed out for a long time -- a one-skein project that I've been wanting to try with the DK-weight Blue-Faced Leicester yarn I've been dyeing. Saturday was the day. A baby sweater, free pattern, quick to knit -- so quick that there hasn't been a decent photo op -- and truly a one-skein project. I've a little yarn left over and was never worried that I'd run out. It's interesting to knit -- not knit all in one piece, but in pieces that are then joined by knitting them together; the only sewing up is the two sleeve seams. There's a lot of provisional casting on going on, but it was sort of fun and I'm all for knitting pieces together. This is the yarn I used:

image from www.flickr.com

It's a somewhat sophisticated baby sweater. Heh. J'adore this color, if I may say so. I cast on on Saturday, sewed up the sleeve seams on Wednesday, and threw it all in the Eucalan drink last night. All I need are buttons! FO photo soon.

image from www.flickr.com

Yesterday, my friend Sandy posted a photo to FB of a lovely finished M'gonigle and... well, I've had my eye out for a project to knit with the squooshy sport-weight superwash merino I've been dyeing (above). Also, I was in need of a portable project to take to my first-ever Madison Knitters' Guild Knit-In where the featured speaker is none other than Twist Collective's Kate Gilbert! It just seemed right. I'll be taking a class in the morning, meeting up with some friends, and generally having a good ol' time... even though I'll be on the road early enough to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow night, I'll be going to see one of my nephews in a play -- the first play he's ever been in, the lead in The Foreigner. It's perfect, and I can't wait!

Also, little boys -- it seems like ages since I've seen them -- and hamster sweater (on the hamster)!

Sunday... a number of things on my plate, we'll just have to wait and see.

It'll be a busy weekend, but HELLO FUN! I'm not complainin'.



Your colors are rich and deep. Love the color of your baby sweater as it is sophisticated and not sugar sweet. I need to and Maddy to take me shopping or at least send your inspiration my way. I hate nothing more than a fitting room.
Enjoy your weekend! It sounds jam packed with good stuff. Say HI! to Kate for me!

Such lovely yarn! (And I nearly broke my neck speeding over to Ravelry to check out the baby sweater pattern. So adorable . . . I downloaded immediately.)

Have a GREAT weekend! :-)

Damn I love the colors of your yarn! And I think baby sweaters should always be sophisticated.

I love non-pastel colors for babies. And you have made some GREAT colors, lady!

Love your colors (I am such a bore I know, sorry about that) and your baby sweater sounds like something I must try and soon.

Those colors have such depth and interest- Bullseye again. What's wrong with a sophisticated baby?? How about a zipper instead of buttons?

J'adore that color too! Happy weekend!

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