I find it sort of meditative

February in pictures

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1. 032-of-366, 2. 033-of-366, 3. 034-of-366, 4. 035-of-366, 5. 036-of-366, 6. 037-of-366, 7. 038-of-366, 8. 039-of-366, 9. 040-of-366, 10. 041-of-366, 11. 042-of-366, 12. 043-of-366, 13. 044-of-366, 14. 045-of-366, 15. 046-of-366, 16. 047-of-366, 17. 048-of-366, 18. 049-of-366, 19. 050-of-366, 20. 051-of-366, 21. 052-of-366, 22. Cool Blue, 23. 054-of-366, 24. 055-of-366, 25. 056-of-366, 26. 057-of-366, 27. 058-of-366, 28. 059-of-366, 29. 060-of-366


Month #2/February of Project 366 (2012) is over! A few times I waited way too long in the day, and a couple of times I plain forgot or just didn't do it... whatever.

My favorite thing this month is seeing the progression of Color Affection! From hank o' freshly dyed yarn, to yarn cake line-up, to WIP, to FO, to amazing "red" FO photo op.

Red is the predominant color of the month, with gold/yellow coming in second, and blue (skies!) third.

The #1 subjects seems to be, um, yarn in various states.  ; )

February snapshot -- I love the monthly mosaic! (With props to FDs Flickr Toys at BigHugeLabs.)

Happy March!!




Great mosaic Vicki. The colour red is really coming through which is pretty cool.


The mosaics share the beauty of your photographs in one fell swoop!


I love the way all these wonderful photos create such a pleasing sight and your favorite thing this month (but you are already fed up of hearing about that,,,)


Another beautiful mosaic. I'm going to post mine on Monday.


I really enjoy these posts. Keep em coming! (and your color affection was awesome. Great color choices).

Robin F.

thanks for the review. That red gets better every time I see it.


I love seeing the progression of Color Affection, too! I can't wait to finish the scarf I am knitting so I can cast on for mine own!


Mosiacs are just the best recap!


Lovely, Vicki! I love the journaling-through-photos concept. Such a perfect way to document your days. :-)

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