Wordless Wednesday
Knitting out


Not only was it a most glorious and refreshing mojito, it was my first-ever mojito! Can you believe that?

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After the Knit-In and my cat nap in the car, I drove into The Square to meet my sister Annie and our friends (and Sharon's former co-workers) Bill and Aimee for tapas at The Icon. I'd never had tapas before, either. Everything was delicious, and those mojitos just glowed in the sunlight!

Also, doesn't the sun illustrate very well and without question the shape of my face?!

And, Happy Birthday(s) this week to both Aimee and Bill!!

After dinner we all went to see my nephew, Dylan, as the lead in a play called The Foreigner -- his first time ever in any type of theatrical production -- and he was fabulous! He is so animated and expressive in real life, the casting was perfect!

* * * * *

I was checked on a couple of times and then sweetly awakened by Addy & Mack on Sunday morning. We had breakfast and the just hung out most of the morning. I sat on the front porch and did some knitting while the boys played outside.

Then I made my way south to Monticello and The Dining Room at 209 Main for a Knife Skills class. (I've been there once before.) I learned how to chop an onion from Wave & Jimmy -- using a slightly different technique than demonstrated here, but the end result was pretty much the same:

We chopped all sorts of stuff that Wave & Jimmy then cooked up for us, and Jane served drinks after the knives were safely put away. I have a lovely new (and very sharp) Messermeister Santoku knife, which I've used a few times since! Practice, practice, practice.

* * * * *

Back to the here and now:

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I went on my first outdoor bike ride on Tuesday night. Eight-point-seven miles is to the doctor's office and back. Due to a scheduling snafu, I needed to be there twice yesterday (or book another day and, basically, have a doc appt on every single Wednesday in March - no thanks) and, since it was going to be SO NICE outside, I figured I'd ride at least once (which I did). The first appt was at 8:10 for a blood draw and I'd been fasting, so I drove. I had an email by 8:45 to say the results were in! Some of my numbers (cholesterol, glucose) are starting to creep up... darn it! I rode back out in the early afternoon (into the wind most of the way) for my mammogram.

image from www.flickr.com

I also, very happily, hung stuff out on the clothesline yesterday! Some laundry, a little shopping, some dyeing, coffee with Mom -- that pretty much took care of my day!

It's absolutely gorgeous again today. Knitting out tonight -- and by "out," I mean it's very likely we'll be out on the freshly painted deck for a while!! Come on over...




You've been busy doing really awesome things! What? No nightgowns on the clothesline?


You keep riding you'll be in the pink of health! Our weather is awesome, too, but I think it's the warm before the storm. Enjoy it while you can!
You have a way of putting together the best photo vignettes!

Robin F.

I've never had a mojito. But I LOVE tapas-I've had tapas at lots of different places and never had a bad plate. There are some places that have started calling their appetizers 'Small plates' but I'm not fooled.


I'm stuck on the light in the last photo! I too put out laundry, yippee!
Nice to get on the bike. My dirt road has to dry up a bit more before I can venture out on two wheels.


All of your pictures are great but the clothesline shot is just wonderful! Here's to a nice bike ride in New England soon!


You and I have the same laundry baskets. Wanna be friends? Friends should have something in common ;-)

I thought I invented that way of peeling an onion.

-- from one round-faced Wisconsinite to another

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