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09 February 2012



Katie's been accepted to two programs at the University of Glasgow!

Now, she just needs to make a decision and we have to make sure she gets there... so I can go visit!!

(I don't really need an excuse... and I will be going back whether she's there or not... but if I did need an excuse, this is a really good one.)




Way exciting!

Exciting news. Congratulations to her.

That's awesome! How exciting for all of you.

wOOt!! How exciting for everyone!! Maybe I could sneak in your bag when you go? :0)

How fantastic! Tough about having to go visit - guess someone's got to do it ;^)

Such exciting news! Congratulations to Katie!

Very, very good news! I knew she's be off on some adventure or another!

Great news! Congratulations Katie and mom, you must be so proud and excited!

So cool! Congratulations to Katie!

Congrats to Katie!

It sounds so exciting! Happy times for all of you

WONDERFUL!!! Many congrats to Katie!!!

Woot is right! Congratulations to Katie and to you, too because I'm sure you are very proud of her!

amazing news! Congrats!!

Exciting! Congrats to Katie.

Awesome! I am so happy for Katie (and for you)!

Wunderbar! Congrats to you both! What about a little tour???

Wonderful news! That a shame you have to go for visits...

Congratulations to Katie. How exciting for her and the whole family. It will be fun reading about her (and your) adventures.

Congratulations to Katie--definitely a big wooot!

Congratulations to Katie! How exciting. That's the consolation of having them so far away...you get to visit!

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