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26 February 2012



A study in red... and black and gray.


I think red is my favorite color.



It was breezy today! You can see the wind beginning to lift the shawl, and the next thing I knew, it was in a heap.



I made a yarn over at the beginning of each row, dropping it when it was at the end of a row. In the three-color section, I wrapped it twice. I'm thinking that I might even have gone on and made the bottom border deeper, but I am quite happy. It's terrific as a shawl, but the fingering weight yarn makes it light enough to scrunch up and wrap more scarf-like around my neck.

Yes, I am quite happy!



Excellent photo shoot of a beautiful shawl!

I love the way that turned out. The colors are beautiful together.

That is one seriously kick ass scarf! (sorry for the a-- word but man it is gorgeous!) Your daughter's hair sets it off beautifully. Nice job Vicki!

and should be happy, vicki! That is SO cool! I
would wear it in a red heartbeat!

Love the FO photos! It is lovely and I love your color selection.

Very breezy down here, too!

VERY nice!! I hope mine looks as good when I'm done. My colors are completely different, though, so they won't look the same. Just two shawls made from the same pattern! I just want mine to look as good!

The shawl is beautiful.


It is everything I imagined and then some!

So beautiful. The color combination, the garment, the photography and your model
of course.

whoa, yet another stunning knit!

Gorgeous knit.
I like the dogwood accent in the background. Good eye, you.

Simple elegance! It looks lovely, chic, fabulously hip and fun, too! You have a truly wearable piece of fashion.

Super job! I love everything about it. I want one just like it. And those are not even "my" colors.

PS. It looks great with Kate's red hair...is she going to keep it or will you fight her for it. :)

Wow, The colors make the pattern P O P!
I'm a red/purple kinda gal myself. If it goes missing it might be at my house! Black/white/red is one of my fav combos to wear.

Gorgeous! Would you explain a bit more about the yarnovers at the edge? Why you did it and exactly how?

I love that! I've been eyeing that pattern myself, and you may have convinced me!

What a gorgeous FO! There was something about your post that made me think of that childhood riddle.... What's black and white and re(a)d all over? And now, we know!

Love. It. Just stunning. I especially love the contrast -- with those pops of that brilliant red. Wow!

Stunning! Red is my favorite too. Looks like a keep forever thing...but it does look pretty special worn by the red head!

Wow! That's really fabulous. Normally I don't care for striped shawls - but this one is really special the way it changes the color combos and just adds color everywhere. You've made a believer out of me! Kudos!

That is absolutely STUNNING, Vicki. Just.. wow. High five! :)

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