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13 February 2012

Out for a spin

image from www.flickr.com

It's rather primitive. And a little dusty.

image from www.flickr.com

But the parts seem there and they all move freely.

image from www.flickr.com

My first spinning wheel. Three inches tall, tops. Thrift-shopping in search of a lazy susan the other day, I came home with this instead. I paid $1.00. And could only laugh when the sticker below it revealed that it could have been mine, at one point, for 50c.

In reality, lessons haven't yet begun... but soon, I hope!



So cute! And very portable, too, which is always a nice feature in a spinning wheel.

If it doesn't work out as a high production model will it find its way to a shadow box?

Very cute but maybe Barbie could use it.

So cute!

I'm impressed you bought a wheel!

Awww - that's precious!


I think this size is much more manageable than the real size,,, :)

I await your handspun ;-)


That is such a familiar little wheel, I think I must have once upon a time had one, too...wonder whatever happened to it? Doubt it's yours as I'm remembering something in a lighter shade of wood, but I'm not the least bit surprised you considered it worth that $1!!!
(and I've got an envelope started for my very own wheel one day...when I accumulate enough of my own little $1 bits and bobs)

Can't wait to see yours

That is way to cute!

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