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01 February 2012



image from www.flickr.com

1. 001-of-366, 2. 002-of-366, 3. 003-of-366, 4. 004-of-366, 5. 005-of-366.Hexed, 6. 006-of-366, 7. 007-of-366, 8. 008-of-366, 9. 011-of-366, 10. 010-of-366, 11. 009-of-366, 12. 012-of-366, 13. heads-or-tails, 14. 014-of-366, 15. 015-of-366, 16. 016-of-366, 17. 017-of-366, 18. 018-of-366, 19. web-2012-01-19 16.21.38, 20. 019-of-366, 21. 020-of-366, 22. 021-of-366, 23. 022-of-366, 24. 023-of-366, 25. 024-of-366, 26. 025-of-366, 27. 026-of-366, 28. 027-of-366, 29. 028-of-366, 30. 029-of-366, 31. 030-of-366, 32. 031-of-366

That's a wrap!


Great montage Vicki! I have to learn how to make these things; yours is so impressive looking! I love that green yarn.

Great idea to put the whole month into a mosaic!

A day in the life of Vicki, x 31! Your pictures tell a story. What a great idea!

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