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01 January 2012

Happy New Year

I've done a little bit of a bunch of stuff today:

  • Spent some time with my husband and girls
  • Watched a little football
  • Did a little shopping (which included a return)
  • Cleaned up some of the past
  • Planned out some of the future
  • Dreamed a little dream (or two) (recurring)

I did a fair bit of knitting, as well, especially while watching football.

I should have done some cooking to start the new year, but cleaning up leftovers seems to be just as good a way to start.

Begin as you mean to carry on... or something like that. It's been a pretty good day. I could carry on this way.

I just need to cast on the sky and then I'm headed to bed!

How about you? A good start to the year?



Happy New Year!

A nice, soft start to the year that you've had.

best wishes for an amazing 2012!

Yesterday was definitely a good start - knitting, football, a walk, dinner with friends. Today is my last day before going back to work and it will include more knitting, the rose parade, and another walk - I hope.

It's been a great year so far! I spent part of the day knitting with friends, which included you! I started my sky with a perfect shade of blue. You must let know which of the skeins you dyed (if any). We did a little cooking, too. Our year should be full of friends and good food!

I love the idea behind this sky scarf and think I'm going to have to knit one, too! I'm off to find the Ravelry group right now!

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