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28 November 2011

Weighing in

I had a great track for a post going in my head while I was in the car this morning, but I lost it along the way and I haven't been able to find it again. So, I'm falling back on photos today... photos of food. It's a good thing the blog doesn't ever have to weigh in.

These are some I took last summer for Ali at the coffee shop. I don't think I've shown them before -- maybe a couple. If I did, think of it as going back for seconds.

Sandwiches and salads. That's not so bad. I think that's a Goud-Asparagus panini.

Coffee is good.

Coffee drinks are yum, especially frozen blended ones that include chocolate and a little fresh whip!


Remember, photos have no calories!



Great photos! And I was doing fine till you put those darn muffins up. Now I'm pondering a late snack, that would definitely include calories!

It's 6am here and now I want a panini. Great photos. I think Ali should have a big canvas on the wall of coffee shop of that shot with the iced coffee whipped cream drink and muffin.

Now I know what I want for lunch! The salad looks delish and fresh! I wish frozen coffee drinks with whip liked me as much as I like them. Carole has a great idea for your beautiful pictures.

Oh, Vicki! I am so wanting a muffin with my coffee right now. (And a panini for lunch, please.)

Good thing my bagel popped up from the toaster just as I started reading your blog. Otherwise I might have bit the screen.

You're making me SO hungry, and I just ate ...

Ali is so lucky to have your talents right at her elbow. I agree with the commenter that said she (Ali) should have a big canvas of the whipped cream drink and muffin on her wall -- could increase sales of same big time :-)

I'm so glad there are no calories because those look soooooo good!

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