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26 November 2011

More thanks!

Mack and Addison made a "turkey" of thanks.

We all had to write something we were thankful for on a tail feather.

Guess which one is mine?


I should have focused on his eyes, but he was very proud of the dirt on his nose from playing football earlier in the day!

It took a while to get motivated today -- chilly, rainy -- but I managed to get a few things done, including throwing a big ol' monkey off my back. It feels great! Tomorrow, I'm firing up the dye pots for the last of the Project Spectrum dyeing. Katie will be over to make a yarn brew, too!



I am thankful for potatoes, too :-)

I'm thankful for you and your blog. Your photography, you writing, your knitting never fail to inspire me.
Oh! I like and a m thankful for potatoes, too :)

I love the thankful turkey idea! I wish the internet had been as easy to access when Hannah was little - I see all these great craft ideas now but I don't have little ones to share them with.

I am thankful to have so many lovely people in my life. Your nephew is such a wondrous boy. The dirt makes him ALL boy. xox

hmmmm....would it be potatoes my friend?
Happy Thanksgiving Vicki!

I think you'll always be pleased that you focused on the dirt! :-) Battle scars are priceless.

And. . . it's always nice to throw a monkey off your back. Good for you!

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