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05 November 2011

Hello, checking in

Busy day! Lots of fun, family, and food.

Web-2011-11-05 20.08.05
Then Katie ran off to get ready for what's probably one of the last Halloween parties of the year! She had to stop by and pick up something she'd forgotten and scared the heck out of poor Mack & Addison (who were both very tired).

I'm so happy that I get an extra hour of sleep on my birthday!!



Happy, birthday, enjoy the extra sleep, and tell Katie that makeup job is awesome! Did she do it herself?

Happy Birthday!
My menagerie of cats did not care about the time change and wanted me up at the usual time to serve breakfast.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear Vicki!!! I'm sure you enjoyed your extra our of sleep. Celebrate a little extra, too!! Love you!

Happy Birthday Vicki! Enjoy your day

Happy Birthday! An extra hour of sleep is a good birthday present.

Happy Birthday, dear Vicki! Katie looks amazing. . . and . . . what a thoughtful gift during these busy days! :-)

Came back to say how exquisite Katie's face paint is/was. Your whole family is so artistic!

Awesome make up job!

Happy belated birthday!

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