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10 October 2011

Yay, technology!

I was able to post via email and my phone the other day from wherever we were on the road at the time. I didn't realize that my "smart" phone changed CAERA COWL to CAMERON COWL or CAMERA COWL (depending)! It seemed like a useless endeavor to try correcting it with my "smart" phone. Heh. And now it appears that Typepad is having a MAJOR problem with HTML and linkability. (More a compatibility problem with an updated IE.) So, yeah, DOUBLE YAY for TECHNOCRAP! Anyway, it's by Lucy Sweetland (a black pepper design) and I'm all but finished... hoping I have enough yarn to do the job! Lucky for me, Carole's Ten on Tuesday this week is about the weekend and I have AT LEAST 10 things to share... not the least of which is the stellar weather we've been having. Absolutely fantastic. Really, it almost makes up for the unbeara...-bility? -bleness? totally crappy weather we had in July.



My office didn't have internet access, which also means we couldn't do any work! Technocrap is RIGHT! I can't wait to hear about your weekend!

I trust you have already been introduced to: http://damnyouautocorrect.com It doesn't really overcome the evils of technology, but it helps you laugh at them.

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