Ten on Tuesday: Consumerism
It'll always be blue to me

Last chance tomato sauce

Sorry, it's the first thing that popped into my head. I love Ricky Lee, love this song, love this version... what's not to love?

There's a warning for frost tonight. I made a desperate call to my CSA farmer, Tracy, for more tomatoes. I'll be picking up 40 more pounds of tomatoes with today's regular delivery.

The roasting ought to keep the chill from the house this weekend.

I predict something with tomato sauce on the weekend menu.

Bunch o' stuff to do today, so best get flying...




Hah! I bought 50 more pounds yesterday, putting me at a grand total of 140 pounds for this year. I think we have the same disease! :)


We still feel the need to do more, too! While we don't have a freeze warning (as yet), the tomatoes are starting to wan. I'm hoping for 2 more batches (or more!).


It's supposed to get chilly here this weekend but I don't think we have a frost warning. I'm going to make jambalya for the Patriot's game and that will warm up the house and us!

Robin F.

OK I'm gonna try to can my sauce this year. Any hints, websites etc. for how to do this.

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