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03 August 2011

The contenders


Um, all of the above??? You can't go wrong. Love all these colors.

I am loving contender 3 although they all appeal!! And?? I am doing that mystery shawl too. In fact, I have a color dilemma. I will go take photos and let's see what you think.....

(squeee! A knit along with my Vicki!!)


Nope. Cannot show photos because the colors are all wrong. I am srsly thinking of doing only 2 colors because I cannot feel good about any of my choices for number 3 and I am NOT going to buy more yarn. I am not. NOT. Repeat it with me.....no more yarn....no more........:)

I like 3 and 4.

Oh yes! Great colors all around. I think maybe 3 or 5, but truly, I'm not sure you can go wrong.

I like Contender 3 the best. (At least, I think it's Contender 3. It's the middle photo on the right.) Have fun!

I like 6 very much. Any of the contenders will be just lovely though.

i like 3 and 6. Just go eenie, meenie! Whatever you land on will work.

The numbers have me totally confused (not an unusual occurance!) so I vote for the second row, left side.

Haha, yeah, could those numbers be more messed up??? Throw a dart...

Any of those except top right and bottom left.

My vote could be contender 3 -- middle right.

3 & 4, the two middle choices. All lovely combos though!

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