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25 August 2011

Starting to get excited now


This photo is from a family reunion 24 years ago. I'm on the left, holding 2yo Katie (it wasn't until I saw MOVING PICTURES about 9 months later that I made a bee-line for Weight Watchers and lost 50 lbs!); Rusty is holding 4mo Ali; Mom, Joe, Sharon, Mike; my sister Karen and her husband Jay, holding my 1mo niece. The difference you could see in the 3 months between the births of those babies, at the newborn-infant stages, always left (still leaves) me awestruck -- Ali wasn't even 7 lbs at birth.

Let's not talk about the hair. Or the glasses. OK? And, I know, my BIL looks like he's 16!!

Anyway, my cousin Missy from Albuquerque was at that family reunion with her family and her parents. I've seen Missy since then, having visited NM a couple of times (when her brother got married -- one of the best weddings I've ever been to -- and when her dad/my uncle died), but this reunion was the last time she was here...

Until this Monday! And I'm getting so excited!! My sisters will be here and, hopefully, my brother; my mom and her sisters; my knitter cousin Rae, maybe others. There's a pretty good number of relatives who are educators or work in education-related fields -- or have school-age kids -- so I'm not sure how many more.

But, anyway, YAY! I just had to share because I'm really starting to get excited!  ; )


Have fun Vicki!

Yay for excitement! It's a fun pic and I'm sure the coming photos will be fab.

You are going to have a crazy fun weekend!!

How fun for you! My sister-in-law just spent a week at the beach with her cousins at a family reunion and she said it was wonderful.

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