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I went to Norway

But first, I went to Escanaba (in da moonlight, even). I think I've covered the recent crazy-busy, so we shook things up a bit in order to preserve our sanity and took a mid-week overnight road trip to wherever the road led.

We packed up as soon as I got home from work and the road led us to Mickey Lu's in Marinette for a burger. And then to Cottage Ten (not Four, as pictured) at Sandy Shores Resort just a few miles south of Escanaba. Long-time owner, Rosie, passed away in June, but her mark is everywhere. There's a vintage retro vibe, for sure, and everything was spotless. So cute. We just stayed in a "room" but a week in one of the actual cottages would be divine. Our front-porch "neighbors" were a couple from Germany travelling with their two young-adult children -- and they were very nice neighbors!

We sort of liked Escanaba. It's the first place I moved to from my birthplace of Milwaukee when I was just a baby; the first of many such moves (annual, at least) in my first 8-9 years. Needless to say, I don't remember it at all, and my only other memories of Escanaba are that it's a place we'd drive through to get to Mackinac Island!

Anyway, we found the Swedish Pantry downtown and started our day with Swedish pancakes for breakfast. And then we just drove -- up the bay and down the bay, and then over to Norway.

I'd spotted a story about Rainbow's End Alpacas in one of the Michigan tourism magazines and decided that it needed to be a destination. It was a nice drive, a really great location, and there was yarn. What's not to love? The shop has lovely light with nice, big windows (with a view of the farm and alpacas) and a fireplace with comfy chairs -- I can imagine how cozy that must be in January!


We just continued meandering on state and county roads and returned home in the late afternoon; enough time to wind down, throw in some wash, eat a little dinner.

And now I'm going to press some fabric that I just washed for a project. Woo!




A mid-week battery recharge sounds divine! I hope to de-stress this weekend, if I can get everything done first!
You did buy some alpaca yarn, right? You're just saving it for another post?


Perfect! It's so hard to do the getting-away thing - especially when the crazy-busies are in full force - but it's usually. . . just the ticket. Hope you're re-charged to make it through the rest of the month! Hugs.


You used your weekday off to full advantage! I felt recharged just reading of your quiet adventure. Love the blue sky and the moon over sunflowers.


There is a field of sunflowers like that between Spooner and Stone Lake. We drive by on the way to our cabin. It was just beginning to hit it's full peak last weekend, and I did NOT have my camera. Sad face.


The sunflower pictures made my morning. I just love seeing them and their beautiful faces can't help but make one smile. Thanks.

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