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A mighty wind...


I wanted to share some knitting but, man, it takes for-freakin'-ever to send a phone pic to myself by email... or to receive... whatever.

There's progress on Stripe Study II and I am LOVING it! I'm itching to cast on III, but first things first... or second things... heh.

I am VERY slowly making progress on the black hole Gretel, and also on a project I don't think I've even mentioned here -- Mary Jane Mucklestone's "Sea Green" Little Arrowhead Lace scarf, which I am calling "Juniper Scarf" because I'm knitting it using (finally!) the lovely ball of Sporfarm Baby Alpaca (color: Juniper!) given to me a million years ago by Jessica in a Secret Pal swap (OMG, remember those? That's what they were called, right?). Anyway, oh so LOVELY!! I'm making mine with fewer repeats across because I don't have the yardage that MJM did, and I wish to maximize length.

So, perhaps I'll take some "good" photos tonight.

Yesterday was all about getting things done... taking people places, registering stuff, getting my hair cut (I love it!!), closing this and opening that, banking... more than the usual day-off running around.

Monday was all about the mom, the sibs, the aunts and the uncles, the cousins...

My sibs and I outnumbered the cousins 2:1, but it was a big deal. There's my cousin Rae, me, Michael, Ann, cousin Missy, and Karen.

Missy's the one visiting from Albuquerque -- pretty much taking a driving tour of Wisconsin in getting around to see as many people as possible!


(What can I say? She's the middle child.)

We had a great time together! Looking forward to a possible meet-up with Rae at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in a couple of weeks. (Just learned that Dixie and Yellow Dog Knitting will be there! I haven't seen her in ages!) And I sure have a renewed desire to visit Albquerque again!

* * * * *

Picking up a whole lotta extra tomatoes with the CSA delivery today. I predict Roasted Tomato Sauce!!



oh, i love MJM's designs. i might start a colorwork one this weekend.


Great family photos, looks like you all had way too much fun.


You and your family look awesome! I love family group pictures. It's wonderful to be old(?) enough to get along with all our sibs, eh?
We have enough of our own tomatoes for a second batch of sauce. We'll buy at the farmers market if we need to as we ran out last winter! I LOVE that sauce.

Julia in KW

I love your family pics...and I see myself in them...(yes - I am a middle child, too! :) We take pictures every time the family is together because we are spread out all over, so want to have them with us if only in picture form...funny how as you get older the bickering of youth becomes the hysterical stories around the table/campfire of today!


I just picked up 20 pounds of tomatoes from my local farmers' market, and will likely pick up 20 more today. I'm definitely going to give your roasted tomato sauce a try!


LOVE the photos! Enjoy the being together! :-)

Dixie Grilley

OMG I totally forgot about Roasted Tomato Sauce. It's so good it should be outlawed. I've got a boat load of tomatoes. Maybe I should do a WSWF promo "free tomato with every skein". Where's that village where they have a big tomato fight?


looks like you had a lot of fun!! :-) oooh roasted tomato sauce sounds delicious!!

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