The merry, merry month of May!

The standard of perfection...

I'm all but finished with the second pair of Ragtop mitts and have a great idea for photographing them -- and I'll be doing that this weekend! There might be a puppy involved, too. Meanwhile, I sort of panic at the thought of bare needles, so there was a need for a new project (yes, a NEED).

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Virtually indestructible, the standard of perfection...

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it's little (angelic) Susan Bates!

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I'm not sure where this "Circlon Whisper Smooth Nylon Circular Knitting Needle" with the "perfect ball points" and "precision tapered points" came from, but it was the only circ I had in the size and, more or less, length that I needed. I soaked it in hot water, as the package suggests, to loosen up the curl a bit and cast on! Circs not being my preferred type of needle, I am loathe to go out and buy one if I can make do. And, yes, I did consider modifying the pattern to knit it in pieces, but I also have a pile of sweaters waiting to be seamed... an activity that always seems to take a certain (and, apparently, infrequent) alignment of the stars. The needle is pink -- a very, very soft pink that I think comes only when a much brighter color has faded -- a very nice contrast to the black cotton I'm knitting. It's actually quite a nice needle, as far as circular needles go.

Inspired by an outfit (top half, at least) that Kalinda was wearing on The Good Wife a few weeks ago, I'm knitting Gretel. Heheheh. Yeah. Archie Punjabi and I are pretty much opposites in body type, but I thought that maybe this idea could work.

The further the day progressed yesterday, the more it seemed like Friday. There was a good vibe at work, lighthearted and even jovial, which felt really great. While a great weariness came over me on the way home, I was mustered by a second wind and started to prep the yarn for my last "red month" dye job. I'm feeling a little all over the place but getting a jump on the weekend projects. I've chosen a pattern (or three) for my project and settled on the yarn, so will be dyeing for that, and also playing around with over-dyeing 95g of already-red yarn left over from another project.

Besides dyeing and knitting, plans for the 3-day weekend include a trip to an architectural salvage place (or two) with Rusty, and playing with two little boys who are coming with their parents for a visit tomorrow. I hope to get a bike ride in between raindrops, too; it's going to be cold, but I scored a lightweight zippered layer on sale the other day. TGIF! I'm ready for the weekend.



gosh, great packaging. good luck with the new sweater and all that dyeing!


I LOVE Gretel! Can't wait to see yours. . . it's on my Want-To-Knit list (but I have to finish a certain purple monstrosity before I dare cast on for anything else). Have a wonderful weekend, Vicki!


The long weekend will revive us and there will be time to do many fun things with family and friends. Enjoy your weekend! I can't wait to see your PS project, the reds you create and what comes next!! Happy happy holiday weekend!! xoxo


Interesting - I didn't know you were not a fan of the circulars! Gretel is a lovely pattern - such an elegant neckline.


I like my vintage nylon needles! The cables may not be the thinnest, but they're fairly flexible (better than the old aluminum-tip circs) and the joins are super-smooth, being molded in! Nice tips, too, not too dull, not pointy enough to hurt my fingers, and good resilience. I like 'em in sweater sizes, though maybe not for lace.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Well, I could agree with "virtually indestructible."

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