Blood(root), sweat, and tears


I was red-faced with both anger and embarrassment last night when I put away my knitting after having discovered that I completely misread the directions for armhole shaping and binding off for the front of Tempest. That would be completely screwing up TWICE because Tempest is a cardigan and there are TWO fronts. My first consolation is that they were the same and so at least there's some consistency in my screw ups. Heh.

Web-2011-05-06 12.27.01

I'd been wishing that I'd left live stitches to do a three-needle bind off of front and back at the shoulders, so my second consolation is that I can have a do-over! I've already short-rowed the back shoulder shaping and am ready to put all those stitches on a holder while I re-do the fronts.

That leaves me red-faced with only embarrassment -- and not even so much. Who cares? The sky is blue, the sun is shining, methinks spring may have finally sprung, and it's only knitting!

The sleeve/swatches have already been knit and blocked, so once the shoulders are all squared away, I'll give the body a bath, do some sewing up, and point for home. I don't think I've mentioned this project much. It turns out that I'm using two of the "Highland Holiday" hanks dyed at Old Maiden Aunt Yarns paired with some Noro Silk Garden Sock in a colorway that ranges from hot pink and lime green to purple and black; I'm cutting out the hottest of the hot pink (it sears the eyes) and, um, it's going to be a colorful sweater. I'm shakin' up the black-and-gray (with hints of brown) wardrobe.

I'm excited to be heading for the finish -- seems like it's come quick -- and, at the risk of proclaiming high hopes to the world and then failing to produce, I feel a finishing frenzy coming on!



When you go to bind off the shoulders together, just make sure you've got them right before you start - my latest goof was almost joining the wrong shoulders ;o)


Rats! I hate when that happens. Oh well, you do get a do-over. I'm with you on shaking up the neutral wardrobe. I just bought a safety-cone orange skirt that hits just ABOVE the knee! Woo! It would look great with that sweater :-)


If it makes you feel any better, we've all made mistakes like that.


I love the colors! You still haven't screwed up your sweater as many times as I have on the last two. You've along way to go, imo. Happy Knitting! Happy SPRING!


Perfect attitude toward the screw-ups -- initial annoyance/anger/embarrassment, shortly followed by Oh, what the hey, life is still good anyway. That will be such a fun sweater!

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