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I'd finished mitt the first and cuff of the second before we went on vacation. Mitt the second was to be my travel knitting, 'cept I didn't do any travel knitting. Not a stitch.

I've been busy with lots of other things since our return (hello, sudden urge to knit a cardigan!) but found myself with nothing on the needles the other day, so I pulled out mitt the second.

image from www.flickr.com 
I finished last night, ends woven in and everything! Sadly, it's chilly enough that it felt good to wear them, too. I have enough of this yarn to knit another pair -- if I maybe shorten the cuffs by a few rows. One of these finished mitts weighs 1.05 oz., the other 1.10, and I have 2.10 oz. remaining. Or I may use the yarn for something else and knit the mitts with another yarn -- maybe as part of Project Spectrum!

The details: Susan's Ragtop knit in Brooks Farm Four Play, purchased a million (or six) years ago at my first Rhinebeck. I'll get some better photos, eventually; we're up close and personal for Macro May -- and the colorway works well for this month's Project Spectrum!



The colors are beautiful and great for Project Spectrum. It's pathetic that you still need to wear them in May, though.


They look beautiful. Enjoy them!! (I could definitely use them with our cold weather. I have the feeling your weather is the same!)


I wear my mitts almost everyday. Love the way the colors play in your mitts.


Love 'em! Although, it's too bad the weather has provided you the opportunity to wear them now.


Love the color; love the pattern. I have a set ready to knit for myself. I WAS planning to wait until fall, but this week is convincing me otherwise. . .

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