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09 May 2011

Progress report

image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com
It's wild. And colorful. And I like it! There's a lot of weaving in to do before sewing up commences. I could have carried the yarn, but I always end up with tension problems. After the weaving in and sewing up of Parcheesi, this seems like a piece of cake!

I've the day off today, if you want to call it that... off to help hubby with some toilet fixing. (Ick.)


It's wild and colorful and AWESOME!

It's beautiful! I love it, truly love it. This sweater is spring, happiness, and joy all in one bundle.

Oh so colorful and pretty, I love it :)

GORGEOUS! It's so beautiful. Perhaps you tell your hubby to fix the toilet himself and weave in ends instead??

Wild and FABULOUS! It's gorgeous! I don't imagine the toilet can wait. . .

Ooh, so Mondrian and fashionabe! Great job!


That's absolutely fantastic ! I love it. Really fab !

That looks great! It's just neutral enough that you can wear it with lots of things, but definitely some POP going on too! Good work!

ooh, great colors! i love the look of this.

I love it too! I've got that one in my queue. It seems to me that you have flown through it! This would be a use of sock yarn that I could really get behind!!!!!!

It's wild and fun, fun, fun - inspires me to get back to work on my boo-boo!

Oh, I like it. All bright like spring flowers.

Absolutely LOVE it!! I want one too now!!!

Gorgeous! The colors are absolutely delicious.

Wow! That is stunning!

Oh, excellent!

Fabulous cardigan:: it totally rocks!!! Can't wait to see the finished product::

I'm crazy about this, what a great interpretation of La Weaver's pattern! (I'm a fan).

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