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I was preparing for and celebrating a big trip and my blogiversary a couple of months ago, and had a contest. You may think that I'd forgotten about that... and maybe I had... but I remembered a few weeks ago... and then kept forgetting to figure the winners and blog it... or I was distracted by yarn (or brownies).


The idea was to guess how much change was in the jar I took to the bank. The person who came closest without going over, with a guess of $107.23, is (blogless) Kathy! I've sent you an email, Kathy!!

I turned to random.org to choose a random winner from all entries -- the lucky number between 1 and 47 is #13 - another Kathy, my old (in blog years) friend kmkat!

What are the chances of that?

image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com
What's a post without a photo (or two)? I was happily surprised to bring home a dozen farm-fresh eggs yesterday, straight from a co-worker's hen house! Aren't they gorgeous? I scrambled a couple for supper last night, and they tasted good, too!




Hooray for both Kathys! And I love fresh eggs like that. Yummmm.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Love the egg photos, the lilacs, the sheepies!


Coincidences are such a kick! Love it.
Once you have a farm fresh egg it's tough to go back!


Once again, I want to thank you. I was so surprised that I won your contest. Loved reading about your trip.



Gorgeous eggs! Yum!

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