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Ten on Tuesday: Groceries!

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

1. Don't go.

2. Seriously. It hasn't always been this way, but lately DH has been doing most of the grocery shopping -- always with a list. Not that he's perfect; he can be impulsive and falls especially hard when pie is marketed at the front-door display, even though the ones he bakes are 100x better.

3. Ali makes regular runs to Sam's for supplies for her business and I'll have her pick up certain things for me, too.

4. I bought an eighth of grass-fed beef from a local farmer last year -- not only was it a million times better tasting, it was all right in my basement freezer.

5. My freezer is now empty, and I'm prepping my order for a quarter!

6. Stock the pantry and freezer with staples and oft-used items.

7. Though I haven't done it in ages, clipping coupons and combining them with sales and specials can save money; I don't take the paper anymore, so don't get the flyers. This was most helpful when I was in the era of diapers.

8. Buy "whole" food -- do the "processing" (trimming, peeling, cutting, slicing, cooking) yourself!

9. This year, finally, I've joined a CSA and I absolutely CANNOT wait (though wait, I must) for deliveries to begin in June!

10. Cook! Here's some help: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less!

The way I think about food -- and everything related to food (and I've been thinking about it a LOT) -- is changing and, honestly, some of those suggestions may not "save [money] at the grocery store" but will "save" in other ways.



I get a bunch of coupons via email & online... and then I steal them from the sunday paper at work ;)


Great list! I'm totally into the 5 ingredients recipes. Try Stonesoup. She emails the recipes (only). She makes quick and tasty meals.


I read the flyers online but mostly I only go to 'basic' grocery stores that only carry basics, they are cheaper than regular stores. (we actually have one called Food Basics) They are not as pretty and there are no enticing samples and displays for ready made specialty food - which is the point. You can't be tempted to buy those things if they are not there!


We love our CSA and I know it saves money. It's a lot to put out all at once but I basically don't buy vegetables all summer long. Plus, as you pointed out, the taste better, too!


yes! i joined an organic co-op for the winter and will switch to csa for summer. it helps me not to have to choose. and i've cut back on eating meat and even going to the grocery store. i only stop in for cheese and milk and stay away from junk food aisles. woo hoo for healthy eating!


Great list. Nothing beats a well-stocked pantry or freezer. Can't wait for CSA action this year, myself. :-)


CSA is a great idea! I used to join one when I lived in NY but haven't yet since I've been in CT. Must. Join. CSA.


I totally agree: while you might actually pay a bit more for CSA and local foods, what you end up saving on is medical costs, I'm convinced. Plus you just plain feel better with higher quality food: making things without preservatives, buying things that are closer to real, not processed, is just being smart!

Steph VW

My husband and I are gardening this year as a means of saving money and making healthier choices! So excited to put those seeds in the ground - our last frost is May 16th and I'm chomping at the bit!

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