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Tempest in a dye pot

So, I didn't really have a plan in mind when I was dyeing yarn in Scotland. As usual, the wool fumes scrambled my brain cells -- this time, with an assist from a visual riot of color (oh, the possibilites!), not to mention the enthusiasm of my girls about the whole thing.

They were thrilled to learn that I had not only two bags full of various blends of bare naked yarn, but also a selection of acid dyes at home -- have had for over 3 years -- all ready and waiting!

I've been thinking about my yarn a lot this week, though, and I'm thinking that it's going to be a Tempest. I have always loved Margene's, and while I don't have her tall and slim figure, I think that this is one horizontally striped sweater that could work on, and maybe even flatter, my... not so tall and slim figure!

I don't have enough of any other color to use for the alternate stripes. I've been wanting to stop at my LYS to see if anything popped out at me, but it hasn't happened yet. I do have JUST enough of the same type of bare naked yarn that I could dye -- but it's sort of a long shot that I'd get exactly what I wanted right off the bat.


The other day I had a brief Skype call with a soon-to-be house guest* and she commented right away about the Parcheesi blanket that I was wearing 'round my shoulders like a shawl. That's the way I use that blanket -- I wear it over my shoulders and I love the happy colors around my face!

I've had the crazy notion to give Tempest a Parcheesi-flavored spin! Those are mostly Parcheesi left-overs, pictured above, that I've "striped" with the four hanks of my one-off "Highland Holiday" colorway. (I didn't really see those colors in the Scottish Highlands, but we'd just returned from our trip-within-a-trip there and still feeling the effects.)

I've looked at all 760+/- Tempests on Ravelry (in various stages of completion), and have seen a few very colorful versions -- nothing quite like what I'm thinking, but nothing that's knocked the notion out of my head, either. I haven't quite worked it all out yet, and don't suppose that'll actually happen until knitting begins... What do you think? Am I still on a "Highland Holiday"? Gut reaction... Is this a crazy yarn-barf idea?

*House guest is bringing her in-progress Parcheesi quilt project!!



ooooh, colors! i anxiously await this one. cast on! :o)


Vicki! Your idea is marvelous!! I can see you pulling this one off in a uniquely beautiful way! Go for it. You're on the right track!


As much as I love color, I was a little hesitant on this idea as I looked at the skeins in the plastic bin. But once I closed my eyes and visualized the sweater I decided it will work beautifully. I think the problem was that in the bin it was hard to see the correct proportion of the Scottish yarn, but in my head I could adjust for that. Go for it!

Damn. Now I want to knit Tempest, too...


I love this idea and the colors that you have lined up are fetching.

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