Happiest of Days
Ten on Tuesday: Groceries!

It's a Big, Big Day!

Maddy returns from here semester abroad today -- on her 20th birthday!! There's a party at our house tonight!

Happy Birthday, Maddy!!

One of the only things that would have made our UK vacation better is if Maddy had been able to travel with us! We were very happy that she could spare some time to show us around London, though, and to meet us in Wales for the last leg of the trip. The photo above was taken at a small park in London. I love that Ali is in focus, but the focus is all on Maddy and that big smile!

* * * * *

Thus ends birthday season; see you next year. Haha.



I can only imagine how excited you must be about her coming home! Have fun at the birthday party!


You have had reason to celebrate all month! Happy return, Happy Birthday!


How fun that all of your beautiful dauaghters have birthdays so near each other! Triple the fun! Enjoy the birthday/welcoming celebrations.


Fantastic!! Happy Birthday to Maddy!


Happy Homecoming and Happy Birthday! My oldest son will be heading to Budapest for a semester next spring, so I can only imagine your excitement and joy at Maddy's return!

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