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08 March 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Big whiff

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Smells

image from www.flickr.com 
1. Lilacs

2. Spring

3. Good wool

4. Fresh 'n clean babies

5. Good soap

6. Line-dried laundry (especially sheets and nightgowns)

7. Grandma's house

8. Bread

9. Chocolate chip cookies

10. Summer

* * * * *

I've got summer on the brain. And Scotland. The trip-planning madness (in a good way) continues... TWO WEEKS!!



I will forever love your pictures of the lilacs and laundry. It looks like you found grandma in her house. Great list!

I love your grandma's house photo! I also really am looking forward to your Scotland reports, we're going this fall.

I can't believe I didn't include line dried sheets on my list!

such a sweet list. that baby is an angel.

two weeks is a great countdown moment. there's still time to take care of stuff, but the trip isn't too far away. hooray!

Perfect list! I'm so excited for you! I just can't wait to hear all about your trip (and see it through your camera lens!) when you get back.

Great list, beautiful photographs, especially laundry and Grandma's house.

Great list! Love 'Grandma's House' ... I remember going to my great-Aunt's house and her porch entry always smelled like apples. To this day I love that scent, reminds me of my visits there :)

Where do you find the exquisite Victorian white nightgowns? I love them! (altho I wear sweats to bed all winter -- cold bedroom)

Ah Scotland is wonderful.

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