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28 March 2011

A day of activity

So far, we've balanced the active days and not-so-active days pretty well. After a long plane ride, we spent a day walking around London; after a day of driving to Scotland, we ferried to an island where we rented bikes and rode the 10-mile isle circuit!

The ferry from Largs to...

...the Isle of Cumbrae. The Isle of Arran was also on the list of possibilities, but we all liked the idea of riding around the entire island. That means I'll have to come back another time to visit Machrie Moor.


The beauty is incredible -- and we are so fortunate to have hit a good patch of weather. It's likely we'll see more clouds and some rain over the next few days.

Inspiration is everywhere!


Vicki! You are in your element! What a glorious place for you to visit together.

So beautiful! What an awesome time you must be having.

Looks like you're having a blast! I want to go here one day... ancestors being from there and all...

I can see the knitting patterns jumping right off those stone monuments. It all sounds wonderful!

Ah beautiful! Thank you for a great start to my day...

Scotland is one the most beautiful places on earth unless it is a) raining or b) covered in midges and cleggs (horseflies). Seems that you got there at a good time.

You are getting some awesome shots with that great lens. Keep up the good work!

LOVING the travelogue. Snaps to you for being able to post from your trip. HAVE FUN!

I hope you are soaking it all up like the proverbial sponge... I think you could get a book contract to go back and take more photos!

Gorgeous photos (yes, I am a fan of the bleeding obvious). I love Celtic knots -- inspiration for cables, maybe?

Yay! Vicki in the UK! Souds (and looks) like you are having a wonderful time. You so deserve it.

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