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Ten on Tuesday: What? No knitting?

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Non-knitting Blogs

Welp. I'm actually quite surprised to find (having first to figure out how to find) that I subscribe to *only* 386 blogs. There are over 1000 unread posts and many blogs that should just be deleted. I do periodically go through and clean up my list, deleting feeds that haven't updated -- though I keep a fair number that don't update, "hope's alive" and sentimental whatnot. I have a feeling that today's topic might spur some feedcleaning.

Anyway, I organize my feeds into different folders, subfolders, and combinations thereof -- local, people I know, knitters, art and photography, writers -- they (folders and bloggers) come and go.  "Cooking & Food" didn't last long because it's just too dangerous.

And I actually have a folder called "Not Knitting."

1. The Pioneer Woman. I don't read some of the posts by contributors, and while I love the photography it sometimes drives me nuts... 14 photos about how to measure out a teaspoon of salt, etc.

2. Tasty Kitchen. It's not that I don't subscribe to "Cooking & Food" blogs at all!

3. What Katie Ate. The best of them cross and blur the categorical lines.

4. The Sister Project. This feed is in a folder called "Living."

5. Photojojo.

The rest of these are photography blogs. I subscribe to a lot of photo blogs -- mostly, they are photograph-ER rather than -Y. It's all about inspiration.

6. Daily Dose of Imagery. Just what it says!

7. Beth Jansen Photography. Energetic, colorful, and always interesting!

8. Anda Marie Photography. Anda and I both attended a Dave Jackson workshop last year and I've been following her ever since. I admire her energy -- seemingly boundless -- and style.

9. it's a DiRTY word (El TiDY). Another amazing and inspiring local photographer.

10. David E. Jackson Photography. Also local, Dave's just a guy... a VERY CREATIVE guy who is also very generous with his time, talent, knowledge, and encouragement.




That, and all the give aways, are why I gave up Pioneer Woman. By the time I visit all the blogs you've listed, Carole has listed and everyone else in the ToT group I'll be 100 years old.


I find ANY food-method photography ridiculous. A good exercise in taking pictures of your own hands?
Off to check out the photography blogs. I have a problem trying to photograph one particular thing and it's frustrating me.


I knew you would list some photography blogs for me to check out.


I love the Sister Project! (I think you led me to it in the first place.. .) :-)


Or 14 photos of how to melt butter! LOL! I agree it's a good website, but the pictures can be overkill.


awwww, thank you!!!!!! you are awesome and sweet :)

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