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Ten on Tuesday: Bedside

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things On Your Nightstand/Bedside Table

Oh me, oh my, where shall I begin?

1. Firstly, it's a bookshelf and so there are lots of books -- books are on it, books are in it and, until recently, books were leaning up against it. DH ran the vacuum through there the other day, so the leaned joined the ranks of the stacked.

2. There's a fair bit of dust... it especially shows up on the lamp and on my alarm clock.

3. The little dish holds leaves and buds from an old lavender wand and some bits of scented soap. The little framed image of a child was Sharon's.

4. Books -- some I've already read, some I've started, some are waiting.

5. The turned wood bowl holds the silver money part of the change parfait.

6. When Sharon and I went to Vegas last May, I put many of my earrings in a small plastic container to pack in my suitcase... and that's where they remain. I've even added a pair or two.

7. Another turned wood bowl (both my dad and my dad are suppliers) full of "stuff." Some belt buckles/shawl clasps, tags cut from clothing, a cherub with a broken hand (waiting to be fixed).

8. Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. (One of my high school Home Ec teachers was named Wroblewski... it wasn't David, and I don't think they're related.) I just started reading this last night. It's the latest book club pick. I didn't pick it. Usually, I'm the one who picks the Wisconsin authors (David doesn't live here now, but he did and the book is set in Wisconsin) and I don't always feel that my picks are well received. I hope I like it.

9. With a fair bit of overnight snow, this turned out not to be a good morning for hitting snooze three times.

10. The organic lavender lotion that I put on my hands before bed every night -- and usually rub on my elbows and a little dab on my nose. I've never knit in my bedroom, so the big ol' row counter must have been riding around in my pocket with the hairbands. This is usually where I dump the contents of my pockets every night.

Ha. So there we are. My bedroom's a bit of a mess, as is my studio/office -- a lot of Sharon's stuff was dumped in both places -- and I'm working on it. And I certainly can't blame it all on her... a bunch of it is mine, too! I aim to change it all up and have a big clean-out soon. It's one of those domino things and I have to wait for the first piece to fall (it's not my play). The game will start soon.




I don't think I have even five things on my night stand, although dust would certainly be one of them!
Tomorrow would not be a good time to hit the snooze button either, a doozie of a snow storm is on it's way. How about there?


It's amazing how the stuff piles up, isn't it?


The pansy print was enough to tell me this is Vicki's bedside table. Your table shows many parts of your life and why your spread a little thin.


I love your nightstand! Such a collection of your life and loves and priorities (dust, for example, means your priorities are on the more important parts of life!) I have a desk in my bedroom (it didn't make my 10-on-Tuesday post yesterday, but would've actually made things a lot more interesting!) . . . that holds a similar collection of things.


Love the illustrated tour! Dust, heh, who cares? Life is too busy/interesting to worry about it.


I love your ability to take a normal, cluttered nightstand and turn it into a beautiful little journey. Thank you!

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