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02 February 2011


Duncan curled up on the kitchen floor in front of the heat register -- it was that kind of night as the wind howled outside!



... very smart kitty! :) I hope all is well.

Duncan is a very smart kitty. It was cold, cold and windy here, too! Winter is getting a little mean!

A kitty-ball! :-)

Ohhhh cutiez,,,, :)

Vicki, would you consider mentioning in your blog Warm Hats Not Hot Heads, the knitters' campaign to restore civility in politics? There's a group on Ravelry and we're also on Facebook. The idea is to knit hats--which embody the concept of every stitch working for the common good--for every member of Congress and every Senator, to illustrate our desire for our representatives to put down the poison pens and take up the business of crafting solutions to the various problems and challenges facing our country. This campaign was begun by your fellow knitbloggers Twinsetellen (http://twinset.us/) and SpinDyeKnit (http://spindyeknit.com/). Thank you!

I love kittens. thank you for the pics.

Those images make my chest hurt a bit, in a good, "please pass me the kitten" sort of way.

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