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Ten on Tuesday: What? No knitting?

Seaman's Square Cap #1

I finally nabbed some photos before allowing the light to slip away again! The days are getting longer, but still not allowing for much in the way of natural light in the early mornings and/or evenings, when I need it most.

Speaking of the daylight, we are enjoying the most wonderful sunny day today -- and (arguably) warm! Today -- in the right here and right now? -- a sunny 36F is delightfully WARM. The snow is melting!!

The hat is the mash-up of Seaman's Cap and Turn A Square -- I wanted the nice, substantial, folded up brim ('Seaman's') and also wanted to show off ('Square') that beautiful, natural, local Shetland wool.

I cast on the second hat last night, changing up the yarn just a bit, and made good progress while watching a movie with DH, and then the Grammy Awards (which I'd recorded, so I could skip and zip at will) (yeah). Some surprises, huh?

We had a great weekend! Maddy's friend Andi came up from Milwaukee to visit for the weekend -- she came with me to the indoor farm market on Saturday, and to pick up my new shoes, and also to the yarn store! Ha. Slice of life. She got together at various times with other friends, and also with Kate & Al, and helped DH with some stuff. It was fun to have her and I know we'll see her again before Maddy's returns.

Exploring The Joy of Love in February with a month-long daily photography prompt/project seemed like a good idea at the eleventh hour on January 31st when I impulsively decided to do it after seeing it in someone's Facebook feed. It was a total gut thing.  I didn't even investigate much before committing -- a prompt, a photo, joy, love, everyday -- all I knew was that I needed SOMETHING to get me looking through the lens. I wasn't sure how it would go -- on either side -- but here I am at the half-way point and, so far, I've managed to keep up (or catch up). I've kept it simple, just a little bit mysterious, and it's been fun. I'm blogging it over here.

Happy Valentine's Day!



What a great combo! The brim is a must to keep ears toasty. I might copy you to make a new Seaman's cap for my husband. I made him a plain one a few years ago and he still loves it.


I love the way you combined the two pattern in that hat. I agree that a good substantial brim is a must.


Love the hat! Your Joy of Love posts have been lovely and memorable.


I'm delurking to say that I love your images of love on your photo blog. I can feel it all the way across the country! May the next 26 years be even better
Patrice (married 30 years in March :)


I like your hat and after just knitting one of each hat for two separate gifts I was wondering how the combo would look - quite lovely!

Your photo blog is so touching and inspirational - thank you for sharing.


Mixing the best features of both patterns was a stroke of brilliance!


Very nice.


What an absolutely great hat! The Seaman's Cap is my go-to basic pattern, both with and without the brim.

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