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Four weeks: The freak-out countdown begins

It happened on my way to the salon

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If you live in Wisconsin, there's no way you are unaware of what's been going on in Madison for the past week... there's no way that you or someone you love or someone you know are not affected by the Governor's Budget Repair Bill. No doubt, you have feelings on the subject, as do I, but mainly it's this:

I don't care which side you're on, if you're left or right or in the middle, drinking tea or coffee or a milkshake... I think this -- a peaceful gathering of 70,000 to support/protest/whatever -- is so wonderful! Honestly, the alternatives* to this make me want to puke.

On Saturday, I stopped off at the protest on my way to the spa.

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Perhaps if I were a better person, I'd have told my sister to give up my belated birthday massage appointment and stayed all day (goodness, it sure was a gorgeous day!); but I am not and I didn't.

And I'm glad. Boy, I needed that. I drove down to Annie's on Saturday morning, as planned (weeks ago), and we spent the whole day together. While I enjoyed a long-overdue massage, Annie had her nails done; we enjoyed a wonderful lunch (and a great talk, some laughs, shared tears) at The Great Dane (my first time, probably not last); bought a few treats for ourselves at DB Infusion Chocolates, and some Gigi's Cupcakes to take home. Finally, we saw Biutiful at Sundance Cinemas.

The boys were fast asleep by the time we returned to Annie's, but Addy crawled in my bed early in the morning to snuggle... oh, he's such a little sweetheart. He gave me a couple of good morning kisses and even told me that he liked my nightgown, but quickly noted that his Superman jammies were better... ain't nothin' gonna beat the Superman jammies. I read him a couple of books (including Green Eggs & Ham - just like I used to read to his mom) and then we got up and had cupcakes for breakfast. Mack read to me (yep, HE read to ME) while I packed up my stuff and hit the road.

Snow was on the way, so I headed home much earlier than usual on Sunday. As it was, I drove through light snow all the way home (a 2-hour drive) and when all was said and done, a foot of new snow fell by Sunday night!

Anyway, that's a little bit of what I've been up to.

*We could argue all day long, picking the best and worst examples of whatever to support our position -- but, really, would you even want to live in a country where we -- and by that I mean ANY ONE OF US -- just roll over and take it, whatever it is? "Oh, sure, Governor Walker, whatever you say... is there anything else?" I wouldn't want to live here.



Today our governor said that we can make the changes that need to be made without doing this sort of thing to public sector employees. It made me happy and I sure hope things in Wisconsin don't go the governor's way.


Always thought I'd like Massachusetts!  ; )


I was with you in Madison in spirit!


I've been so inspired by the peaceful demonstrations in Egypt and am happy to see the same in our own country.

And I'm happy you got to have cupcakes for breakfast, too!


You had quite a day and a very unique adventure.


We have seen support signs for the Wisconsin public employees unions being held by demonstrators in Egypt! And Ian's Pizza, which passed out free slices to the demonstrators, got donations from Egypt (and all over the US) to help cover their cost. It warms my heart and makes me ashamed of my governor.

otoh, Gov. Dayton of MN told people at the MN capital who were demonstrating in support of the WI unions earlier this week that they didn't have to worry because in MN they had him to defend them. MN and MA are great states :)


I have been hugely impressed at how civil this whole demonstrating has been. I keep thinking, are people in the midwest really always that nice? And keep likening this to Tunisia, is this the first of many revolutions? Will other states follow? I'm a state employee in Maine, and have to say, not at all thrilled with our new governor (remember, 61.7% of those of us who voted did NOT vote for him).

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