Seaman's Square Cap #2
It happened on my way to the salon

Flashback Friday

Then (March 2004)...

...and now.

Searching for light in which to shoot my latest hat yesterday, I found myself in the Garden Room. It's less Garden Room and more Pet Central these days, but there you go; nothing stays the same around here. As I shot, I noticed a familiar shape looming, um, towering in the background and, eventually, shifted my focus.

I snapped a quick pic of this little beauty with her bouffant cactus hat seven years ago -- nothing really intentional about it, I just needed a photo of something -- and posted it, in lieu of a photo of myself, as my avatar when I started blogging. You know, back in the day when we were all much more anonymous and none of us had faces of our own. She remained my avatar for many years -- and is still my blog's "favicon."

Sharon gave her to me many years ago in the midst of a move.  Her chapeau was quite eye-catching and substantial even then; now it's just flippin' fabulous!

So, I was supposed to pick up Mom yesterday and head to a luncheon in Lake Geneva at which my sister, a middle school principal, would accept a prestigious award on behalf of her school. We didn't go. For one thing, we're having our January thaw in February and warm temps combined with lots of snow equals fog -- there were widespread fog/driving advisories. Secondly, teachers (and others) in Wisconsin are somewhat preoccupied. I'm not sure that luncheon happened, period.

Well, I just picked up Mom a little bit later than originally planned and we went to Ali Lou's for lunch, instead. It had occurred to me earlier, but didn't acknowledge it out loud 'til I talked with Mom, that it was two months ago (yesterday) that Sharon died -- and how differently this winter turned out than what I'd planned.

So, yeah, no wonder she came into focus. Hey Sha! (Miss you.)



Wow, she has grown!

also, *hugs* xo


Grief is a very long and painful journey...hugs to you...and God bless.


It's fun to see the ol' "She" again. My how her hat has grown! The roller coaster of loss will take you to many new places. Sending hugs and love your way.


A perfect memory for the day.


I remember zooming in on your 'Lucy' vase-head in the early days because I was on the hunt for one myself.
It's nice to have concrete reminders of loved ones and this one is quite unique.
(We are having the thaw but not the snow. Please do not send it my way. Thank you)


Perfectly lovely. Sharon will speak to you often, I imagine. From unexpected corners and surprising sources. Holding you in my thoughts.


I love how she came into your focus to say hi.

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