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My local photography group held its first-ever judged competition last night. I entered two pieces -- in a field of 60 -- to be considered, judged, and critiqued by an esteemed panel of four. Web-IMG_5086The image above garnered 1st Place in the "Patterns" category, the only available category under which "Fourth of July Fruit Salad" seemed to fit. I also received a few requests for the recipe!

This was an Independence Day variation on last summer's green salad theme, consisting of green grapes, honeydew melon, kiwi, Granny Smith apple, blueberries, currants, thinly sliced rhubarb, a few splashes of both lemon and lime juice (more lemon than lime), a drizzle of honey, and lots of basil. So refreshing! I can't wait for summer!

"Leaving Las Vegas" was my second entry which, unoffically, garnered second place (I think) in the "Landscapes" category (I had a good view of the final tally sheet).

There was great feedback on all of the images and I think we all learned a lot! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait 'til next time!



congrats! and now i shall dream of summer and fresh fruit...


Congratulations, Vicki!! Your Your 4th of July salad is a marvelous picture and a fresh fruit salad sounds heavenly 'bout now.


That's wonderful! Congratulations for being recognized for your mad photography skillz!


Congrats, Vicki. So nice to be acknowledged and rewarded for your work.
I can't wait for summer, either. In fact, I've been seeking out "summer weather" blogs and images this evening. You must have read my mind.


Yay! You are brave to enter things and be judged! I'd probably chicken out. Good for you!


Not the least bit surprised, Vicki! You're so talented...


Wow, Congrats! You totally deserve it.


Congratulations! And thanks for both visions of warmer weather. (Current Minneapolis temp: -7F)


Congrats!! I love the landscape pic - that is fabulous!!


I'm so excited for you. Both images are quite fabulous, and I'm so pleased you are getting some well-deserved recognition for your work. Bravo!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

Congratulations! (And that recipe would be appreciated here, too!!)


Congrats! on both those pics...and the salad. They are fantastic.


Oh, hooray! They are lovely photos and deserve every bit of acclaim.


Congratulations! Gorgeous photo of the fruit!

JGR  (Judi)

Congratulations! Both pictures are great and show your talent and skill.


BRAVO!!! It's so nice to see artistic talent recognized and rewarded! Especially love the landscape...you certainly have a gift...thanks for sharing it with us!




Gorgeous, lovely and such an amazing mix of textures and colours and reflections (especially on the blueberries) yummy!


Congratulations! Your photography definitely deserves the awards!


Wow! I like these images!

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