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Ten on Tuesday: Organization

I'm organizing on a whole different plane these days.

The photographic retrospective is where my head's at lately. I had to send 10 of my best images from last year for inclusion in a group and I just had to narrow it down somehow, so limited my choices to "portrait" work -- and was surprised to see that there were 15 or so sessions to choose from!  Included in that number are my first engagement and wedding sessions, and a big project with a bunch of awesome middle school kids. Not shown are amazing cookies and other foodstuffs, flora and fauna, the flowage, family, a trip to Vegas with Sharon, an amazing Berkeley vacation, and some knitting.

There's some unfinished business up there. I have suffered from lack of organization, time and inspiration, as well as some serious flaws in confidence, but this... these photographs not only make me happy, they make me very proud. Get back.

Ten on Tuesday10 Ways to be More Organized

Right now, most of the time, it feels like I ain't got it. Sometimes it seems that I can barely organize a thought. Part of the problem is that there are truckloads of unavoidable distraction slamming in from the left and right. And, yet, while I wade through and make sense of my sister's affairs and start to deal with the family/business end-of-year/tax stuff, I am also helping to plan my first-ever really-far-from-home overseas vacation.

Yeah, I'll bet you want me on your vacation planning team!

Some (probably not 10) Random Thoughts on Organization

Time. I need more time to get/be organized. I realize that I'll have to take that time or make that time.

Space. I need to declutter and TRY to be more minimalistic in my aesthetic, less sentimental about my possessions.

Place. I don't have a place for everything -- I don't know what "everything" is! There's always something that isn't anything. It's so aggravating. (What do I do -- right then, when it comes in the mail so I'm not stacking or piling or handling it a million times -- with that newspaper clipping of a 2yo Katie cross-country skiing that my dad just returned to me?) (It's going to be piled up in the stack on my dining room table and handled a million times before I... don't know... probably give it to Katie.)

Planning. It helps to plan. I don't have any fancy electronics for that -- though I'd sure like some (iWant!) -- it's pencil and paper (notepad, calendar). I am not a hard-and-fast list person, but I have one started for tomorrow.

Flexibility. It's easier to deal with those trucks that way.

Random? Organization is a very left-brained thing and it seems that my right-brained self is showing more and more, so I need to keep an open mind and balance all that taxing logic with... something like vacation planning.

Time. Did I mention that? A month of Sundays would be good for starters.

Completely Random Thoughts NOT on Organization

For what it's worth... With Tramon Williams' end zone interception of a Michael Vick pass to seal the Packers' playoff victory in Philly, I thought, "That one's for Sharon and Gracie!" To borrow a phrase from Wayne Larrivee (the voice of Packers radio), "And there's your wildcard dagger!" (Really, you've just gotta hear him say it.)

Sharon's memorial cards that I designed with Mom arrived yesterday. The lab I used always encloses a card with the name of the person who packed the order and a sweet treat -- this time it was Andy packing it up and he tossed in a Tootsie-Pop. For what it's worth... Andy was my grandpa's name, and Lester was my other grandpa's name -- and Lester always had a box of Tootsie-Pops on the front seat of his delivery truck. Also, for what it's worth... Had the decision on the twins' names been mom's, Sharon and Karen would have been Andrea and Leslie -- named after their grandfathers, Andrew and Lester!

For what it's worth... I know!




As far as where to put things and getting that "something" to "someone"---can you have a few shallow, cute baskets and label with each girl's name and one for hubby too? The girls can check their baskets when they come back to the house and take things with them. Also a basket for "to be paid", to be filed, "inspiration", etc. Just a thought



You ate the Tootsie Pop immediately didn't you? You don't want it handled 1000 times. I have become ruthless and getting rid of "something" has become easier for me. The problem is time. When you find that month of Sundays will you let me know where it is?


That's very cool about Andy and the tootsie pop. You have to take signs like that as little gifts from Sharon. Watch for them and you'll be surprised how many there are.


OMG, I love that collage!


Any chance you're coming to Boston during the next couple of months...? I adore your baby/children photography!! The upper-left photo is stunning. I hope you're appropriately proud of yourself!


So hard I know to be organised especially when you're a right brained person. All I can say is once there is a system it does help, and the stress levels go waay down. HOpe you make some of that time to have fun too.


Please tell me that little girl -- last one in the fourth row -- doesn't have a bullet wound scar in her forehead. That's all I can think of when I look at the collage. Which is awesome, btw.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

What a fabulous mini-portfolio! You go, girl! (So do your Packers, by the way!)


That would be a "forehead meets sidewalk" battle scar!


Ok, I am way behind and checking you out in the middle of yet another sleepless night. This organization stuff is interesting - it's what I'm trying to do this year. But...the time thing...and the distraction thing...and am becoming a list-maker. Number one? try the bed again.

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