Off she goes...
May you remain favored?

Right out my bedroom window

Those lumps in the snow are deer! There are four (the possible fifth is actually a stump), but I think it was Christmas Day when we saw six and actually watched them bed down. I've always known that there were deer in the 'hood and I've even seen them before, but I've never seen them like this. That there are far fewer dogs around here, at the moment, especially loose ones, is one likely reason.

I had a Skype chat with Maddy -- safe in London -- yesterday and she's doing fine!!



So picturesque, but OMYGOD, MY GARDEN! is all I'd be thinking.... !!


wow, you live in a winter wonderland!


I didn't even see the deer (or the lumps) when I first looked at the picture!! I was admiring the pattern of the chairs against the snow.


They just bed right down in the snow! The spot looks peaceful, very wintry and yet cozy.
YAY for Skype!


What a great picture. I've always wondered where the deer go at night. We have tons in our neighborhood and I catch glimpses of them wandering around at dusk and at dawn. Love the group nap picture. I'm a little surprised they don't cuddle together for warmth.


Awesome photo! Dale says it's great when you are walking in the woods and come across them like this and they all burst out in front of you.


This is outside the bedroom window in your VACATION home right? 'Cause normal bedroom windows don't have that pretty a view... (Yes, you're making me a tad envious. Boston bedroom windows reveal less pitoresque sceneries.)

Glad Maddy got to London alright! With all the snow everywhere, I know plenty of people who got stuck somewhere.


Thank God for's makes painful/difficult separations easier. I'm sure Maddy will have the most wonderful experience, and while you'll be thrilled for her, I know your heart will be heavy at times while she's across the pond. Love and peace...from one mom to another (my son lives in Singapore).


When we are driving home after dark now in the depths of winter we often wonder where the deer are. Now I know -- they are in your back yard!

It is soooo much easier to separate from a child now, with email and Skype and texting and Facebook and Twitter. Almost like they haven't left. Almost...


I love the photo. . . and the deer are pretty cool (although I have my own; they are eating my shrubs as I type). . . but what I REALLY LOVE are those chairs!!!!


That is great you were able to 'capture' them! I haven't used Skype myself but several people close to me have said it got them through separation because of distance between loved ones with far less pain.

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