Ten on Tuesday: Organization
Off she goes...

Ready, set, fly!

All smiles!  Even Madeleine!!

...for one, anyway.  ; )

"There's something in my teeth? Really??"  There wasn't, but this just makes me laugh.

The lighting was not good at Red Lobster, and there was a neon light throwing weird color here and there, so photes were a fun challenge -- and, boy, fast-moving Kate's a blur in a number of photos!

Here are some of the faces we're more used to seeing from Madds -- with her sisters, above, and girlfriend, below.

Maddy will be wingin' her way to London tomorrow!  We had a bon voyage dinner last night, similar to one we had five years ago!  Wow.  In case you didn't already know it or forgot or something... time flies, peeps!!  Which means that, before you know it, I'll be wingin' it over the pond, too!



Unique and amazing grrls! The last year was full of changes. This next year will be one of adventure and fun!


Wow, Vicki. This will be tough on you, eh? But I know you can handle it and time does fly and you will be visiting her before you know it.


Have a wonderful and exciting time, Maddy! (But not TOO exciting -- that can be hard on a mother's nerves.)


My 20-year-old son left on Sunday for 5 months in Italy... Although he hasn't lived at home now for 2 years, I miss him acutely because of the physical distance, and that I've never gone so long without seeing him. Of course, we will "see" him--had our first video chat last night. But it's not quite the same! I did knit him a scarf to wear against the northern Italian winter--my way of giving him a hug while he's away. So glad you will get to visit your daughter (I don't think we'll be able to manage an Italy trip, alas). May her joys of discovery during these next months and the pleasures of your visit help to mitigate a bit your current sorrows.


What beautiful girls, Vicki! And what a wonderful experience for Maddy. Erin spent a term in London -- loved every minute!

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