Basket of flowers in snow
Saturday morning funny

Ready for a close-up

I'm feeling a bit like that rose in the snow -- brighter, lighter, a little pink emerging from the cold and bleak winter. I'm sure it has everything to do with tidying up some loose ends in the affairs of my sister -- actually, we're talking big burdens being lifted and, oh, what a relief it is!

There have been some good things happening with people -- with friends of Sharon, some of whom I think I may, at some point, even call friends of mine. That feels good and right.

Good things have been happening with the kids -- following in footsteps while plotting new courses; things falling into place.

It's all connected, perhaps even watched over and guided.

Okay, that last part scares even me. Heh! I am not religious, by any measure, and don't feel I'm particularly spiritual... but maybe that because these are things that I barely acknowledge to myself and never talk about with anyone else. They are feelings -- no, they're more than that, and I can't put them into words... because if I put them into words then it's different.  Then they're... just words.

So that's all I can say about that.

But there are a few things from this week that I have to share, rather randomly I suppose.

A Skype video chat with Maddy a few days ago was amazing. We bought the webcams and the headphones with built-in microphones when Katie was away, but never quite got it together. Technology today makes it almost effortless. It was so fun that she was actually able to see her little doggy!

Speaking of doggies, I've been thinking of Gracie SO MUCH these past few days, and then seeing some of Sharon's friends and having them ask after her... I contacted Lu, Gracie's new owner yesterday, and had the most wonderful reply -- all about how well Gracie has adjusted, how much she is loved and spoiled, how she loves to go for walks and for rides. Gracie went all the way to North Dakota and back for the holidays! Lu said that Gracie must have always had the front seat, though, because that's always where she wants to be. That makes me smile, and also tear up a little... Gracie was Sharon's canine copilot and always did have the front seat! Oh, but as much as anything, this news makes me so happy!

I wound two balls of Burly Spun nearly as big as my head, and have cast on for Loop's Burly Spun Grey Owl Cowl. I'd like to try and visit while we're in London!

I've also learned of a couple of other fibery shops to visit, thanks to FB friends, near where we'll be staying in Scotland!

Montparnasse had a Eucalan soak yesterday and I pinned it out... um, I use that term rather loosely... to block last night while watching Episodes 6 & 7 of Long Way Down. We were able to borrow Long Way Round from our library, but I had to give Julia Child the boot back to Netflix in order to get "Down." Lovin' them both... Ewan and Charley... Round and Down. Heh.

Birthday dinner for Mom on the calendar for Saturday night. I'm making fish chowder and Ann's making her most amazing homemade carrot cake. Yum.


I saw the knit signal thrown up at JessaLu's this morning, which led me to her friend Tina's explanation and effort to help fellow knitter and mother TextileJunkie Michelle. The knit signal is a call to action -- one with which I am all to familiar and also powerless to ignore -- so I have done what I could and am shining it on. All the best to Michelle!

Happy weekend, peeps. TGIF!



I love the Knit Signal idea. Perfect. A great signal to help our fiber friends in need.


The rose photo makes me think of so many things. Lovely, yet melancholy. (to me)

Yay for the Knit Signal!


That feeling is one we's a knowing that no words can express. Thank you for news of Gracie and how much she is loved and adored. It's good to hear your world is settling down and smoothing out.


I call that "feeling" . . . a "thin spot." A place where we're about to punch through -- but I'm not sure to what. It's just a feeling! Life just keeps moving on, doesn't it? In surprising ways. So happy to hear Gracie is adapting to her new life so well.


Thank you so much for spreading the word!! xo

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