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14 January 2011

Off she goes...

...into the wild blue yonder... over there.

The photo is from the last birthday; she'll be returning on her next! And we'll see her in between, of course, but still... It's a day filled to the tippy-top with a variety of emotions.

On a day like this, distraction is most welcome... like what's The Official Cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting gonna be?  Go vote!!


You raised her to be independent and strong. She's showing you what a great job you did. You're giving us a gift in sharing your families ups and downs. Here's to many more "ups" and good days ahead.

Thanks for the heads-up on The Cookie Vote. My choice is lagging in the polls, but I can only think that's because of its possibly limited exposure. ; )

I know she will be fine and you know it too. Nevertheless, this has to be rough. Hugs,

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