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May you remain favored?

"This letter will definitely be amazing to you..."

Can spam be all that bad if it both amazes and makes you laugh? I didn't open it, but just this little bit of preview has been tickling my funny bone like nobody's business.

I've been doing some knitting here and there. This is me riffing on Parcheesi a bit, working on something more wearable -- I've mostly been "wearing" the blanket as a shawl -- hoping it'll work out as planned.

Meanwhile, I've started a sweater. Dubbed "My Going To The UK Sweater," it is a free pattern by Berroco called Montparnasse. I am using the specified yarn, Pure Merino Heather, in a color called Pesto Genovese. I envision this as a durable, go-with-anything, still somewhat stylish sweater to wear on planes, trains and automobiles while knocking about the U.K. I ripped out about 30 rows after taking this photo -- which I should have done when there were only 2, when I had the first inkling that those wonky few stitches weren't going to get better all by themselves. I carried on through a couple of football games (ahem, Go Pack Go!), finishing the back and getting a little start on the left front (the shorter of the two in this asymmetrical design).




I love Montparnasse - I think I need one of my very own. Strikes me as a sweater that would be very good friends with handspun, somehow.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Oh those colors! It's going to be beautiful.


I think you will definitely remain favored on your trip to the UK! Very lucky girl, I'm very excited for you.


mmm...those log cabin squares are gorgeous. i love those colors. knit faster. :o)


You will be so awesomely stylish in Montparnasse when you go to the UK!


Beautiful colors!


The sweater is most favored for your UK trip. Your photos are favored by me and your blanket IS amazing.


Love, love, love the colors in the Parcheesi Redux! Please tell us what the yarn is.


Amazing AND most favored, for sure! :-) LOVE that pattern. Dang. I think I need one for my trip to Paris (in the the Spring).


Oooh, for your wearable Parcheesi inquiries, take a look at Ann Weaver's Albers Cowl.


Another Parcheesi?! Awesome. Montparnesse looks like a fun sweater. Great color.

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